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To Online friends: Sep 1, 2017

1 September 2017

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings in the Name of the Master  Teacher,  even our Lord Jesus Christ!

God’s calling for me as a Bible Teacher has been quite evident from the time I fell in love with the Bible in 1962 when I was born again.  The Lord richly anointed me all these 55 years to forthrightly teach His precious Word to edify and equip His people. The merciful God has enabled me to do this both through pulpit  and print.  I realize my unworthiness for this  high calling more than ever. To God be all the glory!

One of the interesting ways by which the Bible teaches the truths is through “questions!” The Old Testament has  2272 Questions, and the New has  1022. Totally there  are 3294 Questions in the Bible. I started studying those questions which have a challenge: “If ... then ... who ... why ... how ... what?”  The meditation of these  questions answer many of our questions in Christian life and ministry.

The Lord in His sovereign  grace got four meetings arranged through my friends where I could discuss these  questions, seven in each Meet. These programmes were called “Bible Lovers Meet,” because only those who love God’s Word can sit for long hours under such  teaching. These meetings were conducted in the following towns in Tamilnadu: (1) Nagercoil, 10 Sept 2016 (2) Palayamkottai, 11 Sept 2016 (3) Nazareth, 4 Dec 2016 and (4) Erode,  22 July  2017.  These Talks were titled  as “Questions which answer our Questions!”

Ever since I started my public ministry, whether it’s in my native State, Tamilnadu, or the other States of India,  I’ve always preached in English with simultaneous vernacular translations. I praise God for the excellent translators He blessed me with in each State.  To name some of them gratefully: Mr. A. Jeyaraj (Tamil), Mr. S.D. Aiman (Kannada), Mr. Krupa Rao (Telugu), Mr. C.E. Sarasam (Malayalam), Mr. Digbijoy Missal (Odia), Prof. Shinde (Marathi), Mr. Naveen Tatge (Hindi) and so on. They had been to me what Aaron was to Moses!

I had a guidance to deliver these  Talks on “Questions” straight in Tamil my mother tongue. The Bible verses I memorized in Tamil in the 1950s and 1960s under my mummy’s compulsion came in handy! Also these Talks have been lengthy,  each running for two to three  hours. I would not have been able to cover them if there had been translation also. The audio CDs, in MP3 format,  of these  Talks are greatly liked by people. They are rich in devotional  and doctrinal content. All the four Talks are attached here for you for FREE downloading. Do listen to them  and forward them  to your friends.  You will be refreshed and strengthened. A treat  for Tamil Christians! The hardcopy of t hese  CDs is also available  at  Rs. 75/- per Talk. Forwarding Rs. 50/-.

“O God, great peace have those who love Your Law; and nothing causes them to stumble” (Psa 119:165). This is the theme  text for these  Bible Lovers Meets.


Questions which answer our Questions Set 1 (Tamil)
Questions which answer our Questions Set 2 (Tamil)
Questions which answer our Questions Set 3 (Tamil)
Questions which answer our Questions Set 4 (Tamil)



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