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Stanley talks heart to heart with the Visitors of this Website.

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Letter 171 20-Jul-2021 Bible Streams
Letter 170 17-Jun-2021 Stop Praying!
Letter 169 16-Jun-2021 Sound Doctrine Seminars WhatsApp Group Invitation
Letter 168 03-Jun-2021 Where are the Bible Teachers?
Letter 167 30-May-2021 The Balanced Christian
Letter 166 29-May-2021 Christians recovered from Corona
Letter 165 26-May-2021 God's Word for the Gloomy World!
Letter 164 14-May-2021 Real Christian
Letter 163 05-May-2021 Why, O God, Why?
Letter 162 03-May-2021 Gains of Death
Letter 161 27-Apr-2021 Between Resurrection And Ascension
Letter 160 22-Apr-2021 Open Heart Surgery
Letter 159 28-Mar-2021 Bible Pearls (Hindi)
Letter 158 11-Mar-2021 Bilingual Bibles
Letter 157 22-Feb-2021 Am I a Hypocrite?
Letter 156 10-Feb-2021 Birthday Blessing
Letter 155 27-Jan-2021 Better Everyday (Audio & Pdf Subscription)
Letter 154 22-Jan-2021 Happy Handwriting!
Letter 153 09-Jan-2021 The Trembling Christian
Letter 152 23-Dec-2020 New Year Prophecies & Promises
Letter 151 13-Dec-2020 Prayers Answered Differently
Letter 150 30-Nov-2020 World AIDS Day (Prayer)
Letter 149 26-Nov-2020 New Year Decisions
Letter 148 16-Nov-2020 Happy Rebirthday!
Letter 147 05-Nov-2020 Prayer Everyday - Brochure
Letter 146 28-Oct-2020 Men and Women of God (Prayer)
Letter 145 08-Nov-2020 Who is Blind?
Letter 144 28-Sep-2020 Golden Jubilee
Letter 143 23-Sep-2020 God-centred Life - Joseph
Letter 142 03-Sep-2020 More than Studies!
Letter 141 14-Aug-2020 Prayer for Nation
Letter 140 11-Aug-2020 Growth for Youth
Letter 139 03-Aug-2020 "Ears to Hear"
Letter 138 22-Jul-2020 My Weaknesses, Who Next? (Tamil)
Letter 137 08-Jul-2020 What next?
Letter 136 03-Jul-2020 Corona Calls!
Letter 135 30-Jun-2020 National Doctors’ Day
Letter 134 25-Jun-2020 My Weaknesses
Letter 133 19-Jun-2020 A Tribute to Mr. M. Patrick Joshua
Letter 132 15-Jun-2020 Changes in Churches
Letter 131 05-Jun-2020 Indian Missions Tomorrow
Letter 130 30-May-2020 Is God angry with us?
Letter 129 11-May-2020 If we get sick ...
Letter 128 03-May-2020 Virus in us!
Letter 127 25-Apr-2020 What next?
Letter 126 18-Apr-2020 "Missionaries & Corona"
Letter 125 16-Apr-2020 "If My people humble themselves..."
Letter 124 08-Apr-2020 To Mission Supporters...
Letter 123 06-Apr-2020 "Standing in the Gap"
Letter 122 30-Mar-2020 HOW NOT TO DIE
Letter 120 25-Mar-2020 144 - “What shall I do during these days?”
Letter 119 23-Mar-2020 "House Churches" - Revised
Letter 118 21-Mar-2020 "House Churches"
Letter 117 20-Mar-2020 A Prayer regarding Coronavirus
Letter 116 17-Mar-2020 LIFE before and after DEATH
Letter 115 10-Mar-2020 A Message to Christians on Coronavirus
Letter 114 25-Feb-2020 Invitation for FFF
Letter 113 09-Feb-2020 Fifty Foundations Fellowship (Circular 1)
Letter 112 15-Jan-2020 Are you Ready to Meet your God? (Russian, German, French, Singlese, English, Tamil)
Letter 111 15-Dec-2019 New Year Message for 2020
Letter 110 17-Nov-2019 Rebirthday Message, What is Rebirth?
Letter 109 29-Oct-2020 Bye, Surjith, till we meet again!
Letter 108 04-Oct-2020 A Testimony of R. Stanley
Letter 107 25-Sep-2019 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Letter 106 14-Jul-2019 Preach Better, Why no Message
Letter 105 07-Jun-2019 Bible Power, Hello Holy Spirit on line!
Letter 104 01-Jun-2019 Dead, yet speaking!
Letter 103 26-May-2019 Preparing for Revival
Letter 102 21-Apr-2019 Between Resurrection and Ascension
Letter 101 08-Apr-2019 Vote for whom?
Letter 100 01-Apr-2019 Online Letter 100
Letter 99 23-Mar-2019 The Joy of the Lord
Letter 98 08-Mar-2019 Sufferings, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ (Tamil)
Letter 97 05-Mar-2019 Sufferings, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ
Letter 96 18-Feb-2019 Satan’s Attacks & the Christian’s Counterattacks
Letter 95 15-Jan-2019 Bible Victory
Letter 94 12-Dec-2018 Financial Crisis in Christian Ministries
Letter 93 18-Nov-2018 Bible Books Catalogue
Letter 92 12-Aug-2018 Bible Questions
Letter 91 04-Jul-2018 Prophet-Priest-King
Letter 90 04-May-2018 Bible Power
Letter 89 17-Apr-2018 Bible Power brochure
Letter 88 26-Mar-2018 Good News
Letter 87 12-Mar-2018 Why we lose the Missionary Vision
Letter 86 28-Feb-2018 A Tribute to Dr. Billy Graham (Tamil)
Letter 85 25-Feb-2018 A Tribute to Dr. Billy Graham
Letter 84 28-Jan-2018 Jesus' Footsteps
Letter 83 11-Dec-2018 Bold & Beautiful
Letter 82 12-Dec-2017 Here I stand!
Letter 81 27-Nov-2017 General News
Letter 80 15-Nov-2017 What the Church needs today...
Letter 79 07-Nov-2017 How not to Die
Letter 78 01-Nov-2017 Old Paths
Letter 77 22-Sep-2017 Message from Mother Mary
Letter 76 01-Sep-2017 Questions which answer our Questions Set 1-4
Letter 75 15-Aug-2017 Message from Mother Mary (Tamil)
Letter 74 08-Aug-2017 Bible Treasures Index (Kannada)
Letter 73 27-Jul-2019 Here I stand! (Telugu)
Letter 72 12-Jun-2017 Bible Holiness
Letter 71 12-May-2017 I have decided to follow Jesus
Letter 70 23-Apr-2017 Bible Pearls
Letter 69 01-Mar-2017 Here I Stand!
Letter 68 01-Nov-2016 Bible Calendar
Letter 67 01-Nov-2016 General News
Letter 66 12-Jul-2016 Bible Pearls Brochure
Letter 65 01-Mar-2016 Youth Revival Letters
Letter 64 04-Jan-2016 General News
Letter 63 15-Nov-2015 Jesus is Coming Again!, New Year Prayer
Letter 62 07-Sep-2015 CMC Prayer Guide
Letter 61 05-Aug-2015 Handbill
Letter 60 09-Jun-2015 A Letter to my Online Friends
Letter 59 07-Feb-2015 Conversion & Reconversion (Tamil)
Letter 58 04-Feb-2015 Conversion & Reconversion
Letter 57 26-Dec-2014 New year overhauling, New year decisions
Letter 56 18-Dec-2014 Who is Blind?
Letter 55 03-Nov-2014 First Coming & Second Coming
Letter 54 09-Sep-2014 General News
Letter 53 19-Aug-2014 General News
Letter 52 09-Jun-2014 General News
Letter 51 24-May-2014 General News
Letter 50 16-May-2014 General News
Letter 49 11-Apr-2014 General News
Letter 48 21-Mar-2014 General News
Letter 47 21-Feb-2014 General News
Letter 46 10-Jan-2014 General News
Letter 45 29-Dec-2013 General News
Letter 44 24-Dec-2013 General News
Letter 43 01-Dec-2013 General News
Letter 42 09-Oct-2013 General News
Letter 41 13-Mar-2013 General News
Letter 40 01-Feb-2013 General News
Letter 39 10-Jan-2013 General News
Letter 38 05-Dec-2012 General News
Letter 37 27-Nov-2012 General News
Letter 36 23-Oct-2012 General News
Letter 35 05-Sep-2012 General News
Letter 34 20-Jul-2012 HOW NOT TO HELP
Letter 33 05-Jul-2012 Bible Foundation Brochure
Letter 32 04-Jul-2012 General News
Letter 31 12-Apr-2012 General News
Letter 30 07-Apr-2012 General News
Letter 29 06-Apr-2012 General News
Letter 28 24-Jan-2012 General News
Letter 27 13-Dec-2011 New Year Decisions based on the Beatitudes
Letter 26 21-Nov-2011 General News
Letter 25 02-Oct-2011 General News
Letter 25 02-Oct-2011 General News
Letter 24 05-Sep-2011 Do I follow His footsteps?
Letter 23 17-Jun-2011 HOW NOT TO WORSHIP
Letter 22 28-May-2011 Unless someone guides me
Letter 21 17-Apr-2011 General News
Letter 20 29-Dec-2010 Bible Calendar
Letter 19 09-Nov-2010 General News
Letter 18 11-Aug-2010 General News
Letter 17 20-Jun-2010 General News
Letter 16 01-Apr-2010 General News
Letter 15 08-Dec-2009 How to be Saved
Letter 14 28-Oct-2009 General News
Letter 13 17-Apr-2009 General News
Letter 12 14-Feb-2008 General News
Letter 11 17-May-2008 General News
Letter 10 01-Dec-2007 General News
Letter 9 22-Jul-2007 General News
Letter 8 07-May-2007 General News
Letter 7 26-Feb-2007 General News
Letter 6 01-Jan-2007 General News
Letter 5 28-Jun-2004 General News
Letter 4 30-Nov-2002 General News
Letter 3 10-Oct-2002 General News
Letter 2 30-Sep-2002 General News
Letter 1 10-Sep-2002 General News