Booklets - Tamil

All through my ministerial years I have been writing, mostly to edify God’s people. This is in line with my basic calling as a Bible Teacher. Whatever I wrote from 1971 to 2003 was published by the Blessing Youth Mission (BYM) which I led as its CEO for those 33 years. Since my retirement in 2003 from BYM, I am publishing, whatever I write, on my own. Most of my Books and Booklets are available on this website for free downloading. If you need the hard copy of any these books, please contact me at the address on the CONTACT US page.

Be Blessed!


1.Are you Ready to Meet your God?

  • Tamil

A message to Christians to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.


2.Bible Calendar

  • Tamil

A plan for reading thro’ the Bible in two years and memorizing 100 verses per year.


3.First Coming & Second Coming

  • Tamil

A comparative study  between First Coming & Second Coming.


4.Good News of Deliverance

  • Tamil

A Gospel tract for non-Christians


5.Hello Holy Spirit online

  • Tamil

Helps of the Holy Spirit as if He Himself is speaking


6.Here I stand!

  • Tamil

A timely reminder of the truths of Protestant Reformation in its 500th Anniversary, 1517-2017.


7.How not to Die

  • Tamil

Nothing is more certain than death; and nothing more uncertain than the time of dying. “It ought to be the business of everyday to prepare for our last day!” Because the Biblical view of death differs widely from the worldview, Brother Stanley in this booklet gives 10 Corrective Lessons.


8.How not to Give

  • Tamil

Unless our giving is proper and acceptable to God, our loss will be dual: we lose our money here on earth and our reward up there in Heaven. Ingrain this on your minds as you read further on.


9.How not to Help

  • Tamil

Let’s study the subject of “Charity” or “Helping Others” in the following pages as 10 lessons.


10.How not to Meditate

  • Tamil

We unlearn and learn by way of correction from God’s Word, to escape the floods of false doctrine and to be established in the sound doctrine. False doctrine is usually a mixture of truth and error and needs to be exposed. With this background, in this book, we will learn 10 lessons on How not to Meditate.


11.How not to Pray

  • Tamil

Let’s unlearn all that is unscriptural in the exercise of prayer so you may learn what is proper. Here are 10 lessons on How not to Pray.


12.How to be Saved

  • Tamil

How shall we escape if we neglect so great a Salvation? It is the same message which this booklet brings to you. Read with an open mind. You can be saved even before you finish reading it!


13.I have decided to follow Jesus

  • Tamil

 A self-examination for new disciples and mature Christians.


14.If you are not healed...

  • Tamil

A message of encouragement for the people suffering with various sicknesses.


15.Inspired Insights

  • Tamil

132 analytical insights stated succinctly for personal reflection and to use as quotes.


16.Is Christ Unique?

  • Tamil

A Gospel tract for non-Christians.


17.Jesus is coming again!

  • Tamil

A message to non-Christians.


18.Pray in this manner for Revival Camps

  • Tamil

What to pray for while preparing for a Convention or Conference.


19.Search me, O God!

  • Tamil

This booklet is a compilation of 15 Self-examination Questionnaires, titled, “Search me, O God!”, used on various occasions from 1971.


20.Solemn Sermonettes

  • Tamil

These Sermonettes would serve as sermon-starters for Pastors and Preachers. They are limitlessly expandable. They can be freely used as quotes. I call them as “Solemn Sermonettes” because they are sober and stern. Be benefitted!


21.Whom to Marry?

  • Tamil

Seven factors anyone should consider in the choice of the life partner-