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StanleyOnBible: 26 Mar 2018 - Good Friday or Sad Friday?

26 March 2018

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus who suffered and died for us, and rose again!

Jesus is God’s Evangelist and what He spoke from the Cross of Calvary covers all the aspects of the Gospel. Each of His seven sayings from the Cross emphasizes one particular aspect of the message of the Gospel. The Gospel is a “Good News,” because it is —

  1. A Message of Forgiveness (Lk 23:24)
  2. A Message of Assurance (Lk 23:43)
  3. A Message for the Family (Jn 19:26,27)
  4. A Message of Fellowship (Mt 27:46)
  5. A Message of Satisfaction (Jn 19:28)
  6. A Message of Finished Work (Jn 19:30)
  7. A Message of Security (Lk 23:46)

A 30-minute sermon I preached with this Outline, English to Tamil, titled, “Good News,” for a Telecast, is forwarded herewith to you as a link. This is freely downloadable. Watch it and forward it to your friends everywhere, both Christians and non-Christians. A seasonal message for this Passion Week! We will upload it in the youtube also, under the title, “Good Friday or Sad Friday?”




  Good News (DVD), English-Tamil (Mp3-8MB)


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