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Online Letter 112: 15 Jan 2020

Online Letter 112

15 January 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Jesus the King of kings!

The number of prophecies in the Bible about the First Coming of Jesus Christ is a little over 100, whereas there are about 300 prophecies about His Second Coming. The prophecies about His First Coming were fulfilled to the minutest detail. The prophecies about His Second Coming will also be exactly and literally fulfilled. In this world of uncertainty the only future event that’s absolutely certain to happen is the imminent Return of Christ from Heaven to Earth.

At His First Coming, over 2000 years ago, Jesus came as the Saviour. In His Second Coming He would be the Judge. Those who believe on Him and receive Him as their personal Saviour will escape divine judgment but enter eternal Heaven.

With a passionate desire to get every man and woman, Christian or non-Christian, prepared for the Second Coming of Christ, I wrote in 2014 a 20-page pamphlet, titled, “Are you Ready to Meet your God?” This is published in over 10 Indian languages, and in Braille, plus in German, French and Singlese. The same is now (2020) made available in RUSSIAN, as a 24-page pamphlet, which is attached herewith.

It’s our burden that this timely endtime message reaches every Russian Christian who in turn should share it with his non-Christian friends who speak Russian. Pray that this endeavour would be plentifully fruitful for the glory of God, bringing about a spiritual revolution in this land of Communism. Forward the content of this pamphlet to your friends worldwide, whether Russian or non-Russian, who would share it with their Russian contacts all over the world. The hardcopy of this Russian pamphlet in art paper is available at IRS 5/- per piece.

I close this Letter with the last promise of Jesus in the Bible, “Surely I am coming quickly!” (Revelation 22:20). He is coming “surely” and “quickly!” Our prayer is, “Amen, come, Lord Jesus!”


R. Stanley


1. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (Russian Cover)

2. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (Russian Matter)
3. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (German)
4. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (French)
5. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (Singlese)
6. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (English)

7. Are you Ready to Meet your God? (Tamil)



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