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Online Letter 98: 8 Mar 2019

Online Letter 98

8 March 2019

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus who suffered and died for us and rose again!

The Online Letter 97 of 5 March 2019 was sent to my Online Friends with attachments of 20 of my Outlines and Articles on the Sufferings, Crucifixion and Resurrection of our dear Lord. Several friends have requested the TAMIL version of these materials. Hence this letter with the attachments in Tamil. Other language editions are not available.

These materials are all freely downloadable. Besides using them for your personal meditation and pulpit ministry, do forward them to your Tamil Christian friends everywhere. Alongwith Apostle Paul, let’s declare, “I determine not to proclaim anything among people except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Cor 2:2).

Simultaneously these materials in English and in Tamil are posted in Whatsapp.


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R. Stanley


1. Hosanna to Halleluja (Tamil)
2. Lessons on Prayer from the Holy Week (Tamil)
3. Lessons on Evangelism from the Holy Week (Tamil)
4. The Courageless Disciple (Tamil)
5. Self-examination before the Lord’s Supper (Tamil)
6. The Blessings of the Blood (Tamil)
7. Seven Sayings from the Cross (Tamil)
8. The Gospel from Golgotha (7 Sayings) (Tamil)
9. Jesus’ Footsteps of Pain (Tamil)
10. How Jesus handled Suffering (Tamil)
11. The Cross in Daily Life (Tamil)
12. Crucified to the World (Tamil)
13. The Supreme Condition for Discipleship (Tamil)
14. Overcoming Worries through the Cross (Tamil)
15. How to Die triumphantly (7 Sayings) (Tamil)
16. Christ’s Words AFTER the Cross (Tamil)
17. The Power of Resurrection (Tamil)
18. Blessings of Resurrection (Tamil)
19. Because He descended and ascended ... (Tamil)
20. Cross & Crown (Tamil)