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To Online friends: Dec 12, 2018

12 December  2018

Dear Online Friend(s),

Being in  touch  with  so many  Missionary  Organisations and  Evangelistic Agencies in India, I am deeply worried about the financial crisis several of them are going through in the recent  years.  I considered this  matter prayerfully  in the light of the Bible. Adding what I learnt through experience during  my 30+ years of leadership in the Blessing  Youth Mission from 1971,  I have prepared an  article,  titled,  “Financial Crisis in  Christian Ministries.” The same  is attached here.  I have sent  it to over 250 indigenous Missions  in India.  If you are  a supporter of any  Christian ministry in India,  you would also  find this article  enlightening. You may  forward  it  to  whoever  you  think   would  be benefitted. Thank  you.

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R. Stanley


1. Financial Crisis in Christian  Ministries (English) ... 10 pages
2. Financial Crisis in Christian  Ministries (Tamil) ... 12 pages