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To Online friends: Nov 18, 2018

18 November 2018

Dear Online Friend(s),

I fell in love with the Bible in 1962 when God saved me by His grace. Since then I have been a sincere student of the Scriptures. I sensed the unmistakable call of God in my life to write for Him. My first published material was a Gospel tract, titled, “Good News of Deliverance,” in Tamil, which I wrote in 1965 as a third year student in the Engineering College in Karaikudi, Tamilnadu. This tract is published in 12 languages in India and in Chinese. To the glory of God this is widely used all over India for evangelizing the non-Christians besides my other tracts. Thousands have found Christ as their Saviour through this simple message.

All through my ministerial years I have been writing, mostly to edify God’s people. This is in line with my basic calling as a Bible Teacher. Whatever I wrote from 1971 to 2003 was published by the Blessing Youth Mission (BYM) which I led as its CEO for those 33 years. Since my retirement in 2003 from BYM, I am publishing books on my own. This gives me enough of freedom to follow God’s guidance. The titles are as under —

      1. Better Everyday (Daily Devotional) (432 pages)
      2. Bible Treasures (Corrective Bible Teaching) (832 pages)
      3. Bible Pearls (Sermon Outlines) (1184 pages)
      4. Bible Holiness (180 pages)
      5. Bible Power (320 pages)
      6. Bible Victory (400 pages)
      7. Bible Questions (Tamil) (228 pages)
      8. Old Paths (132 pages)
      9. Jesus’ Footsteps (120 pages)
      10. Prophet-Priest-King (100 pages)
      11. How to Preach Better (Tamil) (200 pages)
      12. Bold & Beautiful (By my daughter) (140 pages)

I’m delighted to make these books available for FREE downloading from my website: stanleyonbible.com. You can access them through the “Books & Booklets” bar on the Home Page. I encourage you to forward these materials to your Christian contacts and help spread the Sound Doctrine of God’s Word.

There are about 25 of my books published by the Blessing Youth Mission before my retirement in 2003. For your requirement of those books, please visit the website: bymonline.org.

Attached to this letter is the Catalogue in English and in Tamil for your ready reference. Please continue to pray for my writing ministry. Nowadays I don’t accept outstation preaching invitations so I may concentrate on writing. It’s rewarding. Today is my 56th Rebirthday!


1. Bible Books Catalogue (Eng)
2. Bible Books Catalogue (Tam)


R. Stanley


13 Church Colony,
Vellore 632 006, India
Tel: 00 91 98437 07600, 98430 11943



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Branch No. 7274, Vellore 632 006, Tamilnadu. IFS Code: SBIN0007274;
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