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Online Letter 146: 28 Oct 2020

Online Letter 146

28 October 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ who was sent by God the Father to restore us from total ruin to complete redemption!

Thank God for the Protestant Reformation of 1517 in which God used Martin Luther (1483-1546) and several others to bring to light the hidden truths of the Scripture. The summary of the Reformers’ logical conviction is as follows, in Latin and in English —

                         1. “Sola Scriptura”        …        Scripture alone!
                         2. “Sola Fide”                …        Faith alone!
                         3. “Sola Gratia”             …        Grace alone!
                         4. “Solo Christo”           …        Christ alone!
                         5. “Soli Deo Gloria"      …         Glory of God alone!

We celebrated the 500th Anniversary of this Protestant Reformation in 2017. On this occasion I released a 56-page booklet, titled, “Here I stand!”  which can be downloaded from Online Letter 69 of this website. On 31 October 2020 we celebrate the 503rd Anniversary.

The burning need of the Church today is Men and Women of God, with calibre, character and charisma, to bring the Church from where it is to where it should be. With this burden, I have video-recorded a 10-minute message, titled, The Need for Men & Women of God, which is attached here for free downloading. Kindly watch it and forward it to Christians worldwide so we would witness another Reformation to restore all that the Church has lost. It’s uploaded in YouTube at “Stanley On Bible.”


R. Stanley


  1. The Need of Men & Women of God  (video) English

  2. The Need of Men & Women of God  (pdf) English



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