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Online Letter 140: 11 August 2020

Online Letter 140

11 August 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),


The youth of today pose an unusual challenge to parents, pastors and professors. Their modern thinking and trend have not in any way improved the “quality” of life. We do not expect our youngsters to come back to our old ways but only to the values.

The United Nations has deemed 12th August as the International Youth Day since 1999. I prepared a brief write-up for the youth, titled, Growth for Youth.” The same is attached here for free downloading and forwarding. This is not an evangelistic article but a general one both for Christian and non-Christian youth.

Under God I have been in the Youth Ministry from the early 1960s. This article tells in a nutshell what I have been teaching the youth all these years in Conferences, Seminars and through Print. Those who responded positively are fruitbearing trees all over the world for God’s glory. To Him be all praise!


R. Stanley


1. Growth for Youth   (Colour)

2. Growth for Youth   (B&W)



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