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Online Letter 100: 1 Apr 2019

Online Letter 101

8 April 2019

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ who is the Lord of lords and the King of kings!

India goes to the polls shortly. There are Elections for the Lok Sabha and a few State Assemblies. Days are both challenging and threatening. While we Christians must be definitely burdened over what’s happening around us, we must not be shaken in our faith because He who is on the Throne is our God!

As a guideline to Christians for voting, I have attached here my article titled, “Vote for whom?” Do take time to read it, share it with your prayer partners and forward it to Indian Christian friends everywhere. I encourage you to take copies for distribution to Christians in your locality. Send this article to the ministries you support with a request to reprint it in their periodicals without any alteration. We are posting the same in whatsapp also, both in pdf and audio format.

Your servant,
R. Stanley


(1) Vote for whom? (English) PDF
(2) Vote for whom? (Tamil) PDF

(1) Vote for whom? (English) MP3
(2) Vote for whom? (Tamil) MP3



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