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Online Letter 102: 21 Apr 2019

Online Letter 102

21 April 2019

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of our Resurrected Redeemer!

Christians worldwide, as per the traditional Christian calendar, celebrate Easter today with shouts of Alleluia! Protestant and Roman Catholic churches witness overflowing crowds in the Easter Services. Various types of fasting observed by Christian believers during the 40 days of Lent get over today, and Easter parties abound. What next?

There’s no reference in the Bible to the 40 days many Christians observe as Lent just before Easter. This is purely a tradition unfounded in the Scriptures. Jesus did not fast for 40 days at the close of His life but at the beginning of His ministry three and a half years before His Crucifixion. But the period of 40 days Jesus spent with His disciples between His Resurrection and His Ascension is clearly stated in the Bible (Acts 1:3). The Bible records so many events which took place during this period. The outstanding thing was His ten appearances, each of which gives us valuable and practical lessons.

The traditional mainline Churches conduct daily services during all the 40 days of Lent. They have sermons preached on Good Friday on the Seven Sayings from the Cross. Good, but where are sermons on the Sayings of Jesus after the Cross? To meet this need I have written an article, titled, Between Resurrection and Ascension. The same is attached here for your free downloading. Do take time to meditate on it. Share the same with your fellow-believers. Forward it to Christians everywhere. Reprinting in periodicals and Church bulletins permitted.

Ten days after Ascension came Pentecost. The dates are 30 May and 9 June respectively in the Christian Calendar of 2019. God willing, I will send you an appropriate message for the same around that time!

— R. Stanley


Between Resurrection and Ascension (English PDF)



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