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Online Letter 104: 1 Jun 2019

Online Letter 104

1 June 2019

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ our Lord who has called us not only to “believe” on His Name but also to “suffer” for Him! (Phil 1:29).

It’s now 20 years that Graham Staines and his two sons were burnt alive for their faith. The 2-hour film released this year, “The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story,” has reminded us of the unkindest killing that took place on 23 January 1999 in the State of Odisha in India. We as a family watched it in a movie theatre in Vellore. There was hardly anyone whose eyes did not become full. Are we to simply sympathise with the burnt and the bereaved and go on with business as usual? I have written a 10-page article on what Graham Staines would tell us do if he were resurrected to deliver a one hour sermon. The same is attached here in English and in Tamil with a few photographs. The title is, “Dead, yet speaking!”

Do take time to read it and forward it to your Christian friends everywhere. Let there be a missionary revival! Ask God, “O Lord, what do You want me to do?” He would speak to you.

— R. Stanley


1) Dead, yet speaking!  (English PDF)
2) Dead, yet speaking!  (Tamil PDF)



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