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Online Letter 106: 14 Jul 2019

Online Letter 106

14 July 2019

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus who is the Master Preacher!

God in His mercy saved me in 1962 while I was a fresher in College. Immediately I fell in love with the Bible. I preached my first sermon in May 1963. God has been graciously using me all these years in the preaching of His Word to challenge and equip His people in India and abroad. With a burden to help the next generation of preachers, I gathered 250 delegates in Trichy, Tamilnadu, from all over India for a 3-day Programme, called “Preach Better Seminar,” in 2007, and delivered a Series of Talks on the following Topics, English to Tamil —

1. How to Receive Messages from God
2. How to Construct a Sermon
3. How to Preach to Congregations

A similar Seminar was conducted in Nagpur, Maharashtra, in 2008, and my Talks in English were translated into Hindi. To bless a wider group, the Talks were released as a book in Tamil, titled, “How to Preach Better,” in 2011. This benefitted thousands of Tamil preachers all over the world and revolutionized their pulpit ministry. The same is now made available in ENGLISH, titled, “Preach Better.” This 172-page book was released on 28 June in Bengaluru in an inter-denominational and inter-organisational gathering of over 900 Christians, and a free copy, either in English or in Tamil, was given to each family. 40% of this gathering was Pastors and Preachers.

I’m delighted to attach this book, both in English and in Tamil, in this Letter. It’s freely downloadable. Forward it to your Christian contacts everywhere, especially to those with a pulpit ministry. Let there be a revival in all our Churches! The 10-point Talk of 2 hours 15 minutes I preached in the above gathering, titled, “Why no Message?”, English to Kannada, before the release of the book, is also attached here in audio format, for free downloading. Please take time to listen to it. You will be enriched, whether you are a pulpiteer or a pew-dweller. There were testimonies from the audience of how the fire of God fell upon them while listening to the Talk.

The hardcopy of this book is priced at Rs. 100/-, plus Rs. 30/- for forwarding. 30% discount for 10 or more copies.

It’s my burden to gift this book in HINDI, when it becomes ready, to 10,000 Hindi-speaking Pastors and Preachers. Pray much for this project. The production cost of each copy is Rs. 50/-. By contributing Rs. 5000/- you can sponsor 100 copies, or Rs. 50,000/- for 1000 copies. Without a Revival in North Indian Churches we cannot preserve the fruits of our missionary labours. As the Lord guides and provides, the English copies will be gifted to the graduating students in Seminaries and Bible Colleges. I request you to make this offer known to the Heads of Seminaries and Bible Colleges all over India. Request them to contact me. Translation into other languages will be taken up shortly.


— R. Stanley


1) Preach Better (English) PDF 172 pages
2) Preach Better (Tamil) PDF 200 pages
3) Why no Message? (English) mp3
4) Why no Message? (English-Kannada) mp3



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