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Online Letter 107: 25 Sep 2019

Online Letter 107

25 September 2019

Dear Online Friend(s),

God graciously filled me with the Holy Spirit in 1963 while I was praying with a group of youngsters, as a fresher in college, in a red sandy desert near my native village, Nazareth, in Tamilnadu, India. All through my college days (1963-1970) God used me to lead several fellow-students in the campus into the experience of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. When this campus ministry gave birth to the Blessing Youth Mission in 1971, huge gatherings experienced the outpouring of the Spirit, especially through my associate, Mr. A. Lionel, who was two years junior to me in the Engineering College in Karaikudi. The rest is history.

Churches can broadly be divided as Pentecostal and non-Pentecostal. The main difference is in the understanding of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. The Pentecostal or Charismatic movement has the fastest growing Churches all over the world. If Apostle Peter could refer to the Day of Pentecost as the “last days,” we are perhaps living in the “last minutes” (Acts 2:17). I firmly believe that we can expect an unprecedented outpouring of the Spirit as we approach the end of endtime.

Prophet Elisha pleaded with Prophet Elijah for the “double portion” of the Spirit, because he knew that his ministerial years would be more challenging and demanding than his mentor’s time. We in the 21st Century need more than double the power the Church of the 1st Century had as we witness in the Book of Acts. There’s no other way to move the present generation for God! If you are thirsty, God is ready to pour out His showers on you (Isa 44:3).

The 5-page write-up attached here will help you to receive and exercise the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Do take time to read it. Forward the same to your Christian friends everywhere. For the members of those Churches in which the power of the Holy Spirit is rarely talked about or hardly experienced, what I’ve written on the Gifts will be Greek and Latin. But there’s nothing unnecessary or irrelevant in the New Testament for the Church of today.

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— R. Stanley


1. Gifts of the Holy Spirit (English) ... 5 pages
2. Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Tamil) ... 5 pages