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Online Letter 136: 3 July 2020

Online Letter 136

3 July 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ whose outstretched wings are over us!

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, beginning with 10 March 2020, I started posting Seasonal Articles on WhatsApp as well as this Website. If you were benefitted through the contents of these Articles sent as Attachments to the Online Letters 115 to 132, give God all the glory because He alone is worthy.

Fifteen of these Articles are compiled as a book of 168 pages, titled, "Corona Calls!"  The same is attached here for your free downloading. Do forward it to your Christian friends everywhere.

I thank God who did not let me idle during these over 100 days of lockdown. Every day I was busy with the triple exercise of "Praying-Studying-Writing." This book will be handy for the present and the future during any such crisis.

The Tamil edition is under preparation. It will come to you through this Website when ready.

Keep me in your prayers so I may remain humble and broken before God for an unhindered flow of His messages into my heart from Above (Isa 57:15).


R. Stanley


"Corona Calls!"  (pdf)  168 pages



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