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Online Letter 130: 30 May 2020

Online Letter 130

30 May 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ under whose shepherding care we are safe and sound!

What’s happening around us, all over the world, makes even the strongest Christian believer, at times, pessimistic. That’s why God has provided for us the fellowship of our family and Church members to encourage us, exhort us and comfort us. Let’s continue to pray for one another and bless them in whatever way we can.

The recent Homecall of two spiritual giants, Rev. J. David Pawson (90), 21 May, a renowned British Bible Teacher, and Dr. Ravi Zacharias (74), 19 May, an outstanding Indian Christian Apologist, is an immeasurable loss to  all  of  us.  I had personally known both of them. The number of such Servants of God in the world is on the steady decrease. May God continue to supply to the world and the Church men and women who can be His voice in this generation! May His hand protect those of His ministers who are playing a significant role for His Kingdom!

Praise God for the enlightenment He has given you through the  15 Articles in the Corona Series I have sent as attachments to the earlier Online Letters. Attached now is another Article, titled, “Is God angry with us?” I pray that God would use this for your good and His glory. Do forward the same to all your Christian contacts.



R. Stanley


1. Is God angry with us? (English) 16 pages

2. Is God angry with us? (Tamil) 18 pages



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