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Online Letter 127: 25 Apr 2020

Online Letter 127

25 April 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Christ who has all authority in Heaven and Earth!

Beginning with the outbreak of Coronavirus, I have sent the following Online Letters through this website with attachments in order to inspire and instruct Christians everywhere. Here are the details:

1) A Message to Christians on Coronavirus
                  Online Letter 115, 10 March 2020
2) Life before and after Death
                   Online Letter 116, 17 March 2020
3) A Prayer regarding Coronavirus
                   Online Letter 117, 20 March 2020
4) House Churches
                   Online Letter 119, 23 March 2020
                   (Online Letter 118 discarded and revised)
5) What shall I do during these days?
                   Online Letter 120, 25 March 2020
6) 20 Bible Outlines on Crucifixion, Resurrection & Ascension
                   Online Letter 121, 27 March 2020
7) How not to Die
                   Online Letter 122, 3 April 2020
8) (a) Standing in the gap
    (b) The “Fruit of the Spirit” Prayer
                   Online Letter 123, 6 April 2020
9) To Mission Supporters...
                   Online Letter 124, 8 April 2020
10) “If My people humble themselves...” 
                   Online Letter 125, 16 April 2020
11) Missionaries & Corona
                   Online Letter 126, 18 April 2020
12) What next?
                   Online Letter 127, 25 April 2020
                   (This is the current Online Letter.)

These articles were sent to thousands of friends through Whatsapp also. Praise God for the overwhelming response from the readers. I rejoice in Him for enabling me to make these timely Biblical materials available during these 45 days. I request you to pick up whichever write-up you desire from among these thirteen, and spend time in meditation and prayer. Do turn to all the Bible references. It’s quite uncertain as to how long this situation would continue. Make best use of this time. Forward these messages to your friends everywhere. If the Lord tarries, and, God forbid, if there would be another pandemic, these articles would help you stay steady, come what may.

This Online Letter 127 has the attachment of the article, “What next?” What the Bible says is more important and reliable than what the Scientists think or the World Leaders predict. God’s Word is absolutely absolute, completely complete and perfectly perfect!

Stay safe under the shadow of the Almighty!



R. Stanley


1. What next? (English)

2. What next? (Tamil)



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