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Online Letter 164: 14 May 2021

Online Letter 164

14 May 2021

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Jesus through whom we receive personal Salvation from sins. Thank God for His Word which plants in us the assurance of Salvation. Thank God for His Spirit who witnesses in our hearts that we are the children of God. What a certainty! What a security!

I have often mentioned that God used my Teachers as instruments to lead me to Christ. My 6th standard class teacher, Mr. T. Michael Chelladurai, 1933-2003, started praying for me for my Salvation following his visit when I was suffering from severe typhoid in 1957. My chemistry lecturer, Mr. D. P. Gnanadurai, 1941-2005, spoke to me on Friday the 16th November 1962 about the need of Salvation. His one hour conversation with me that evening brought upon me deep conviction of sin. Until then I was boasting of my religiosity because of strict parental upbringing in Nazareth, my native village in South India. Skipping my supper with Mummy’s permission, I fell on my knees confessing my sins as far as I could recollect. This continued with frequent prayertimes on Saturday also. Though I was feeling lighter after every prayer of confession, there was no assurance of forgiveness of sins or of Salvation. In divine providence I picked up the Tamil copy of the book, On being a Real Christian, by G. Christian Weiss (1910-1983) of Back to the Bible, and started reading it on my knees in the red-sandy desert adjacent to my village on Sunday the 18th afternoon. I had hardly finished the first of the 16 chapters in this book when the assurance and joy of Salvation flooded my soul! I hopped and jumped all around and told Mr. Michael and Mr. Gnanadurai of my experience. They were the founding leaders of the Nazareth Prayer Fellowship which gathered daily in that desert of Palmyrah trees. This was the Genesis of my life with Christ.

Subsequently I read through the entire book, and the truths therein became the foundation for my Christian life and ministry. This book I first read in Tamil had been published by the Evangelical Literature Service (ELS), Chennai. They continue reprinting it. However the English edition, according to my knowledge, has gone out of print. I somehow managed to get a used copy and have reprinted it in India, under the title, Real Christian. The subtitle is, “Biblical Exhortations for new Believers and growing Christians.” This 128-page book is attached here for free downloading. The hardcopy is priced at IRS 60/-. I urge Pastors and Preachers to liberally distribute copies to their people especially to youngsters. An ideal gift to candidates at Baptism, Confirmation and the like! Contact ELS, 95A, Vepery High Road, Chennai 600 007 (00 91 44 25323231, 26420173) for the Tamil and other language editions.



Real Christian (English) 128 pages

R. Stanley



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