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Online Letter 159: 28 March 2021

Online Letter 159

28 March 2021

Dear Online Friend(s),

Praise God who loves people of all languages alike! What a place Heaven would be to be fellowshipping forever with God’s children of all “nations, tribes, peoples and tongues!”

On the third year of my Rebirth, that is in 1965, during one of my evening devotions in a forest, God impressed on my heart that I must work towards the text of Zechariah 8:23, "Thus says the Lord of hosts: In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you!’ " The Holy Spirit kept reminding me of this verse repeatedly until late 1970s. I began to understand its significance when God in His sovereign grace ordered a situation when what I wrote for Him got translated into 10 major languages of India! This continues for His glory!

As announced, my 1200-page book, BIBLE PEARLS, in Hindi, was dedicated and released yesterday at 6.30 pm in a Zoom meeting by my friend, God’s Servant, Mr. Augustine Jebakumar. It was followed by a 60-minute talk by me, English-Hindi. The entire programme is available on YouTube: StanleyOnBible. Do watch it.

This valuable volume of 200 of my select sermon outlines will be an asset to any Pulpiteer. This Hindi edition is offered FREE to any Hindi Pastor or Preacher who sends his clear address to 00 91 99422 33252 or 98430 11943. This offer is valid upto 10 April 2021 only. Extra copies at Rs. 1000/-; for bonafide fulltime Servants of God Rs. 500/- after April 10. The entire book in pdf format is attached here for free downloading.

This book is already available in English and in Tamil, freely downloadable from the Books & Booklets section of this website. Hardcopy: Rs. 1000/- The Telugu and Kannada editions are underway. Under God, such projects are possible by the freewill offerings of His people.



  1. Bible Pearls (Hindi) Pdf

R. Stanley


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