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Online Letter 153: 9 January 2021

Online Letter 153

9 January 2021

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of the Soon-coming King!

The global scenario is getting gloomier year after year. The Christian America was the worst-hit with the old Corona in 2020. The Christian England is the worst-hit with new Corona in 2021. I’m reminded of the punching prophetic warning of a saintly preacher, “If God does not judge England and America, He must apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah!” The horrible happening on 7 January in the US Capitol Hill reaffirms the Biblical truth that civilisation does not change man, only Christ can! The Gospel is the Supra-power over all super-powers (Rom 1:16). It is the Message for this mess-age (Eph 6:15). Dr. Billy Graham rightly said, “My message is the same whether I preach in an African tribal village or in the Cambridge University!" All men are sinners, whether white or black or brown or red or yellow (Rom 3:9-18). Each of us stands guilty before God for violating the supreme twofold commandment of God to love Him with all of ourselves and to love others as we love ourselves (Mt 22:35-40). There is no hope unless each Nation, be it Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist or whatever, returns to the God of the Bible.

The underlying cause of all the evil in the world, especially in the Church, is the loss of the “fear of God.” David of the Old Testament and Paul of the New have stressed this indisputable and inescapable fact (Psa 36:1; Rom 3:18). “Fear of God” begets “Love for men” (Mt 22:35-40; 1 Pet 2:17). Leadership, both Christian and non-Christian, loses fragrance and flavour when these two fundamental requirements are forgotten (Dt 17:18-20; Lk 18:4). In this context is born my first Article of the year, “The Trembling Christian,” attached here for your free downloading. Do read and forward the same to your friends in the East and the West in order to restore to our rank and file this basic twin expectation of God from us (Mic 6:8).

Let 2021 be a Year of Restoration!

R. Stanley


  1. The Trembling Christian  (English) 9 pages
  2. The Trembling Christian  (Tamil) 11 pages

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