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Online Letter 147: 5 November 2020

Online Letter 148

16 November 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

Greetings in the Name of Jesus through whom we have Eternal Life!

18 November 1962 was the happiest day in my life when Jesus saved me and filled me with the joy of Salvation. I was born again! I had just entered college as a 16-year teenager. 18 November 2020 is my 58th Rebirthday. I once again fall at the feet of Jesus, wash them with my tears of gratefulness and kiss them with loads of love!

There are those who ask whether we can be assured of personal Salvation during this life. Yes, thousand times yes! Because, the Bible says so. Apostle John, who walked with Jesus for over six decades, wrote, “We KNOW that we have passed from death to life… We KNOW that we are of God” (1 Jn 3:14; 5:19). Historian Luke records, “The Lord added to the Church daily those who were being SAVED” (Acts 2:47). Missionary Paul confirmed, “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we ARE children of God” (Rom 8:16).

Of course there are those who cannot remember the day when they got saved or were born again. That’s fine, but the inner assurance of forgiveness of sins through faith on Christ must be definite.  Rebirth or Salvation is not a hope-so or think-so but a know-so experience!

Attached here is a Meditation on Rebirth, titled, Happy Rebirthday! You would find it helpful if you are already born again. If you do not have this assurance, offer the Prayer on page 6. To help you, I have also attached my booklet, How to be Saved. Do take time to go through it. Do not postpone this matter. The Bible says, “NOW is the favourable time; TODAY is the Day of Salvation!” (2 Cor 6:2).

Nicodemus was a Jewish religious leader, comparable to a preacher. It was to him Jesus said, “VERILY, VERILY, I say to you, Unless one is BORN AGAIN, he cannot see the Kingdom of God!” (Jn 3:3). Friend, this is a matter of life and death, both eternal. You cannot take chances. Decide today!

I request the recipients of this Letter to forward this to as many friends as possible, Christian or non-Christian, and help them celebrate a Happy Rebirthday! 



R. Stanley


  1. Happy Rebirthday!  (6 pages) pdf
  2. How to be Saved  (30 pages ) pdf (Online Letter 15)



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