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To Online friends: May 16, 2014


16 May 2014

Dear  Online  Friend,

The Christian response to the  2014  Indian  Election  Results varies  widely. But one thing  is certain  that  it is God who lifts someone  and  brings  down the  other in  leadership. Look at  these  texts  from  the  Bible —

Jer  27:5,  “I have  made  the  earth, the  man  and  the  beast   that   are  on  the ground, by My great  power  and  by My outstretched arm,  and  have  given it to whomever  it  seemed   proper  to  Me.”

Dan 4:17b, “The  Most High rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He  wills, and sets over  it  the lowest of  men.”

Dan 4:25c, “The  Most  High rules in  the kingdom of  men, and  gives it  to whomever He  chooses.”

Rom  13:1,  “There’s no  authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by  God.”

When the Tamilnadu Government brought about the Anti-Conversion Bill  in 2002, I wrote two  articles titled, “Can Conversions be  Stopped?” and “How  to Multiply Conversions.” These were published one after the other in  the Blessing Magazine of  the Blessing Youth Mission. These two  articles contain practical guidelines for the Christians of India in the present scenario. These are attached here for your benefit. Please take time to  read them and forward the same to Christian friends and leaders everywhere.

These two  articles are included as two  chapters in  the revised and enlarged edition of  my   book, Enlightening Essays,  220  pages, available in English and  Tamil, for Rs. 80/-  per copy. Forwarding Rs.  30/- within India.

Because the Lord God is  on  the Throne,


R. Stanley