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Online Letter 120: 25 Mar 2020

Online Letter 120

25 March 2020

Dear Online Friend(s),

The Indian Prime Minister, in his passionate address to the Nation on the 24th instant, has declared a 21-day lockdown across the Country from the midnight of 24 March 2020.

(1) According to this order, all places of worship would be closed during the curfew days.  Because the curfew, as on date, is upto the 14th April, there may not be special Services in the Churches for Good Friday (April 10) and Easter Sunday (April 12). God willing, I will send, in the first week of April, Bible Outlines for your meditation on these days. An opportunity for sermon-tasters to become Bible students!

(2) The repeated request to the Indian citizens by the Prime Minister with folded hands is to stay back home to be safe. For those of us who are used to be briskly flying around like bees, this would look like a punishment. But I believe this is a blessing in disguise. May be God is giving us an extended Sabbath as we have overused the resources and overworked (Lev 25:1-7; 26:34,35). Attached here is a 7-point write-up, titled, “What shall I do during these days?” This would be helpful not only for Indians but also for other countrymen as a similar curfew is imposed in several other Nations also.

No place is safer than the bosom of God the Father, the hands of God the Son, and the wings of God the Holy Spirit!


With prayers,

R. Stanley


1.“What shall I do during these days?” (English)



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