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To Online friends: Feb 1, 2013

1 February 2013

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings in Christ’s precious Name!

I am pleased to inform you that the telecasting of the 20th and the last Topic in the “How not ...” Series, namely HOW NOT TO DIE, was over on the 10th of January 2013. As usual this Topic was covered by 10 lessons of 30 minutes duration each.

The lessons are —

      1. Do not postpone repentance.
      2. Do not hold bitterness against anyone.
      3. Do not depend on your wealth.
      4. Do not leave your dear ones in confusion.
      5. Do not give place to depression.
      6. Do not ever contemplate suicide.
      7. Do not become lazy.
      8. Do not stop sanctifying yourself.
      9. Do not be horribly afraid of death.
      10. Do not grieve without hope.

These 10 episodes, English-Tamil, are now uploaded in this website for your free downloading.

Nothing is more certain than death; and nothing is more uncertain than the time of dying. C.H. Spurgeon (1834-1892), the Prince of Preachers, said, “He who does not prepare for death is more than an ordinary fool; he is a mad man!” Matthew Henry (1662-1714), the Bible Commentator, wrote, “It ought to be the business of everyday to prepare for our last day!” The Biblical view of death is quite different from the worldview. Unfortunately our understanding of death is unconsciously influenced more by the worldview than the Biblical view. Hence we need to learn, How NOT to Die!

These Talks are a must watch both for the young and the old. Watch them and forward them to all your Christian contacts. “The day of death is better than the day of birth” (Eccl 7:1).

These Talks are released as a 2-DVD Pack and priced at Rs. 100/-. Forwarding Rs. 25/-. If you have completed 70 years, I would like to gift you a FREE Pack. Please write to me your address, telephone number and age.

All these 20 Topics in the “How not ...” Series, English-Tamil, are now available as a single Pack of 40 DVDs, with a total running time of 100 hours. They are in a compact zip pouch. The title of this Pack is BIBLE TREASURES. It is priced at Rs. 1500/- per copy. Forwarding Rs. 100/-. (If you buy the topics individually as 2-DVD Packs, the total cost would be Rs. 2000/-) There’s a substantial saving in this offer, plus convenience. The Topics are —

1. Repentance 11. Giving
2. Faith 12. Thinking
3. Prayer 13. Planning
4. Bible Meditation 14. Work
5. Worship 15. Ministry
6. Fellowship 16. Helping others
7. Holiness 17. Leadership
8. Spiritual Growth 18. Sorrow
9. Spiritual Warfare 19. Suffering
10. Spiritual Gifts 20. Death

If you watch all these Talks, it will benefit you more than a 3-year Bible College course! Ideal for home study.

As informed in my letter of the 10th January, with the 20th Topic we have stopped our telecast with Tamil translation. God willing, we will begin the Telecast with HINDI translation from January 2014. The first recording is scheduled for 6-10 March 2013. I covet your earnest prayers. Hopefully you will join us for a day of praise and prayer, for the HINDI telecast, from 10 am to 5 pm, on Sunday the 10th February, at Dhyana Ashram, 25 Madha Koil Street, Santhome, Chennai 600028. Medium: Tamil. For any local help, contact Mr. C. Francis, Chennai, Tel: 98415 73650.

Thank you.

— R. Stanley


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