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To Online friends: Dec 5, 2012
5 December 2012

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings with love in Christ’s precious Name!

From the middle of the year the Spirit of the Lord has been urging me to spend more time in writing than in preaching. There’s so much of my spoken material to be brought into bookform. So I’ve not accepted any outstation preaching assignment, inland or overseas, for the year 2013, but set it aside for writing. Pray for a rich anointing on me everytime I sit to write. I thank God for blessing multiplied thousands through the 30 books I’ve written so far. Several of these titles are in 10 Indian vernaculars also.

After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, I came on Television in November 2008 with a weekly Telecast titled, “Sound Doctrine”, English to Tamil, in the Tamilan TV. I presented the “How not ...” Series, covering the following Topics, each one with 10 lessons of 30-minute episode each (All these Talks are uploaded on my website for free downloading.)

1. How not to Pray 11. How not to Plan
2. How not to Meditate 12. How not to Work
3. How not to Give 13. How not to Operate Gifts
4. How not to Worship 14. How not to Fellowship
5. How not to Battle 15. How not to Sanctify
6. How not to Minister 16. How not to Sorrow
7. How not to Think 17. How not to Help
8. How not to Repent 18. How not to Grow
9. How not to Believe 19. How not to Lead
10. How not to Suffer 20. How not to Die

The last Topic, How not to Die, is being telecast now and will be over with the 10th episode in January 2013. With this I’ve decided to stop any paid telecasting with Tamil translation. I’m convinced I’ve done enough and more for the Tamil Christian community over the years. Hereafter I want to concentrate on HINDI, our National language, spoken by over 40% of Indians.

God willing, the year 2013 will be spent in recording the Telecast Talks in English to HINDI. The telecasting will hopefully begin in January 2014. Pray much for this venture. Share the same with your friends and mobilize prayer and financial support for this needy and expensive project. The recording and weekly telecasting expenses for one full year would be Rs. 15,00,000/-. (My account details: R. Stanley, Account No. 10545862765, State Bank of India, Branch No. 7274, Vellore 632 006, Tamilnadu. IFS Code: SBIN 0007274; SWIFT Code: SBININBB473).

Praise God for the widespread missionary vision caught by the South Indian Christians during the last 50 years to reach the unreached masses of North India. Sending missionaries from the South to the Northern States and supporting them from here is extremely important, but it is not the ultimate answer to evangelize the North. The existing North Indian Churches and Christians must rise up to the occasion to get involved in “neighbourhood evangelism.” This they cannot do unless they experience a spiritual awakening themselves. In other words, the North Indian Christians must be revived if the North Indian non-Christians are to be fully reached. This is the Bible way—

  • Abraham must be blessed before he can become a blessing to others (Gen 12:2).
  • God’s people must humble themselves, repent and pray if their land should be healed (2 Chron 7:14).
  • The joy of salvation and a free spirit must be restored to David before he can teach God’s ways to sinners (Psa 51:12,13).
  • God first blesses His people before blessing the places around them with showers of blessing (Ezek 34:26).
  • The Church must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit if it is to witness effectively to those outside (Acts 1:8; 4:31).
  • The fallen Tabernacle of David must be rebuilt before all Gentiles could seek the Lord (Acts 15:15-17).
  • God first deals with the Church (Rev 1-3) before dealing with the Nations (Rev 4-20).

While talking about Revival, solid sound doctrinal teaching is a must to strengthen God’s people and keep out the strange fires.

In order to thank God for enabling us to telecast 200 Sound Doctrinal lessons, English to Tamil, from Nov 2008 to Jan 2013, and to intercede before Him for the forthcoming telecasts in English-HINDI, we will be gathering from 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday the 10th February 2013 in Chennai. The venue is: Dyana Ashram, 25 Madha Church Road, Santhome, Chennai 600 028. Medium: Tamil. I lovingly invite you to this humble gathering. Do make it if you can. You are welcome to bring your spouse. (Contact person: Mr. C. Francis, 98415 73650).

As you are aware, one of my ministries as a Bible Teacher is to introduce reliable Study Bibles and Bible Study aids to believers. I thank God for thousands who have been guided in choosing the right materials. One of the Study aids I recommended strongly, even as early as in 1997, is the IVP Bible Background Commentary, published as 2 volumes — Old Testament & New Testament — by the Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship, USA. This is an indispensable resource for all students of the Bible, accessibly providing the cultural background of every passage in the OT and every verse in the NT. The OT volume has 820 pages, the NT volume 830 pages. This valuable hardcover set has not been available in India for quite sometime. Thank God for OM India which has imported some copies recently. I have a few sets with me. One set costs Rs. 3000/-. You may buy it from any OM Bookshop or order from me. Kindly add Rs.150/-for forwarding if you order from me. It will be a wise and worthy investment. For this you can even forego buying a new dress this Season!

Praise God for His mercies and lovingkindness we experienced all through this year. May His hand continue to keep us, lead us, and use us for His glory. Along with my family and the staff of StanleyOnBible I wish you a meaningful Christmas and a fruitful New Year!


R. Stanley