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To Online friends:Oct 23, 2012

23 October 2012

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord!

Hope you found the 9 DVDs of the Sound Doctrine Seminar-3 uploaded in this website on 5 Sept 2012 a blessing. Eventhough I had requested just a line of acknowledgment from the 1000s of my Online friends, not even 5% sent any reply. That seems to be the trend in Christendom. To acknowledge with a word of thanks, I believe, is basic courtesy, and one need not even be a Christian to do it. Please try to improve. Thank you.

I'm delighted to inform you of the uploading of another ten 30-minute TV Talks under the title, HOW NOT TO GROW, English-Tamil. God the Father passionately desires that each of His children grows to maturity and perfection. Unfortunately there are simply too many misconceptions about spiritual growth. These are corrected through the following 10 lessons —

1. Do not expect to grow automatically.
2. Do not get stuck with the foundation.
3. Do not grow disproportionately (Part 1).
4. Do not grow disproportionately (Part 2).
5. Do not avoid difficult areas.
6. Do not consider adversity an obstacle.
7. Do not ignore corporate growth.
8. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity.
9. Do not sidetrack.
10. Do not ever stop growing.

As usual these Talks are freely downdloadable. Watch them and forward them to your friends. Whether or not you find time to watch them, do take just a minute to send a single line of acknowledgment.

As you watch these Talks, it will be my prayer that you experience a multidimensional growth in your Christian life resulting in fruitfulness for the glory of God.


R. Stanley