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To Online friends:July 4, 2012

4 July 2012

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings with love in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Thank you for you prayers for the Sound Doctrine Seminar-3 conducted in Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, South India, from the 21st to the 23rd May. Attached herewith please find a 4-page album to give you an idea about the Seminar.

Please pray much for my throat condition as after the above Seminar I am not able to maintain a clear voice, especially for TV recording, for more than 5 minutes. It becomes coarse. I’m claiming the promise God gave Moses, Exodus 4:11,12. I thank God who has enabled me to shout aloud His messages without any problem for about 50 years now! (Isa 58:1a).


With much love,
R. Stanley