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To Online friends: Apr 12, 2012

12 April 2012

Dear Online Friend,

Loving greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord!

I am delighted to inform you that my 17th topic in the “HOW NOT...” Series, namely HOW NOT TO HELP, which is being telecast in Tamilan TV on Thursdays 9.30 to 10 pm, is uploaded in this website for your benefit. As usual this topic is also covered under 10 lessons, each by a 30-minute episode. The lessons are—

1. Do not consider charity optional.
2. Do not think you own anything.
3. Do not be stingy.
4. Do not always wait for group action.
5. Do not be overcautious in choosing beneficiaries.
6. Do not confine charity to special occasions.
7. Do not publicize charity.
8. Do not bring the recipients under obligation.
9. Do not encourage laziness.
10. Do not grow tired of charity.

You may freely download these talks for you and share them with your friends. This is by and large a much neglected subject in Christendom. The modern Christianity is mostly one of “faith without works.” It’s my prayer that as you watch these Talks the Holy Spirit will very personally minister to you. Any child of God who follows the teaching given in this Series will be richly rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

God bless you!


Sincerely yours,
R. Stanley