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To Online friends: Oct 2, 2011

2 October 2011

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings with love in Christ’s precious Name!

I’m extremely delighted to know that several hundreds of you have downloaded from this website the six unedited Talks I delivered in the Jesus’ Footsteps Retreat, Karaikudi, 13-15 August 2011. These Talks are now fully edited with the insertion of titles and Bible references, and uploaded on this website. You may freely download them, watch them and forward them to your friends. An excellent opportunity for Christians everywhere to trace the footsteps of Jesus in the four Gospels!

These 6 Talks are available as a 6-DVD Pack, titled Jesus’ Footsteps, English to Tamil, for Rs. 300/- per pack, plus Rs.50/- for forwarding. Order these Packs for you and your friends. A meaningful gift idea!

Our daughter Evangeline Jones has started editing these Talks into bookform. Pray for her as she is on this important assignment. We will inform you one the book is published.

Several of my other Bible teaching materials, in Video or MP3 format, are also now made available on this website. They are all freely downloadable for your convenience. I also encourage copying of all my DVDs and audio CDs for non-profit purposes! Let the Sound Doctrine of God’s Word penetrate into all sections of Christendom!

With prayers,
R. Stanley