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29 December 2010

29 December 2010

Dear Online Friends,

Praise God for bringing us safe to the end of the year. His mercy is enduring forever!

For all the ills in the life of individual Christians as well as the Church there can be no better remedy than to come back to the Bible. With the proliferation of sermons from the pulpits and in print, Christians by and large have come to know certain “Bible verses” but not the “Bible!” Biblical illiteracy among the average Church members has become handy for the devil to flood Christendom with false doctrines.

Attached herewtih is a 60-page Bible Calendar (Click here to download) booklet which I have released just this month. The rationale behind this endeavour is explained below.

The percentage of Christians who have read through the entire Bible atleast once in their lifetime is regrettably low. Bible Reading Calendars which offer a one year plan to read through the Bible is found by many Christians as prescribing too much of portion each day. This is one reason why many of those who start reading earnestly give up in a month or two! To overcome this difficulty, I have spread the portions over a two-year period. This is further divided as morning and evening portions. This way one has to read only one or two chapters per sitting. This also facilitates unhurried meditation.

Besides portions for meditation, I’ve also chosen Bible texts for memorization, just a couple of verses for two to three days, from the corresponding reading portions. Read the Introduction in the Booklet to understand how the memory verses are chosen. This plan will help you to memorize atleast 100 verses per year!

I urge you to go through this exercise in 2011 and 2012 with the help of this Bible Calendar. You will grow strong in the Lord. This Calendar is now available in English, Hindi and Tamil. The price of this 60-page attractive booklet is only Rs. 10/- in India, and in other countries US $ 1. Forwarding cost extra. Order from me as many copies you need for you and your friends and your Church. An excellent tool for spiritual nourishment! Do forward this letter and the attachment of the Calendar to your friends.

Wish you a Bible-filled New Year!

R. Stanley
13 Church Colony
Vellore 632 006, India
00 91 98437 07600