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11 August 2010


This is to personally invite you to the Old Paths Retreat to be conducted in Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October 2010. The focus of this Retreat is to study God’s Word in His presence in order to understand how far we have drifted away in our lives and ministries from the Biblical principles and standards. Any zealous Christian, whether a fulltime minister or non-fulltimer, will be immensely benefitted thro’ this time with God. No other agenda! The theme text is,

“Thus says the Lord:
Stand in the ways and see; and ask for the Old Paths,
where the good way is, and walk in it;
then you will find rest for your souls!”
(Jeremiah 6:16)

The Retreat starts at 8 am on Friday and closes by 5 pm on Sunday. With God’s help I will lead this Retreat alongwith a few others. The Talks will be from English to Tamil. The venue is the Subhalakshmi Mahal, Near Pandian Theatre at Karaikudi. If you come from Chennai, you have frequent buses from Tiruchy to Karaikudi, 2 hrs 30 mts. Those coming from South Tamilnadu have regular bus services from Madurai to Karaikudi, 2 hrs.

There’s no pre-registration. On arrival you will pay Rs. 200/- as a registration fee for boarding and lodging. The registration fee for those below 12 years is Rs.100/- only. Stay facilities are arranged in a number of halls in the town, for men and women separately. Those who desire to have private rooms booked for their stay may contact the chief host, Mr. E. Samuel Rathnasamy at Karaikudi, Tel: 94434 67329.

This Retreat is conducted in remembrance of the 3-day Prayer Gathering we had in our student days in Karaikudi in October 1970. It was this gathering which gave birth to the Blessing Youth Mission in 1971 and several other ministries in South India. Forty years get over with October 2010. This Retreat is conducted with an interdenominational and interorganisational stand.

Please pray much for this Retreat so it would be a time of visitation from God, among His people, through His Spirit and His Word, with revival and restoration blessings. Do come and be reignited in your passion for God! Encourage the keen believers, pastors and Christian workers in your area to attend this historic meet. In the recent prayer-cum-planning meeting of fifty volunteers for this Retreat it was decided to observe August 15 and September 15 as special days of prayer for this programme. Will you please join us in prayer from where you are?

Looking forward to meeting you,

for the Old Paths,
R. Stanley