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A periodic Letter to my Friends / 22 Jul 2007
A periodic Letter to my Friends 10/ 1 Dec 2007

Dear Friends,

Greetings with love in Christ’s wonderful Name!

It’s three months since I sent my last letter. I never thought so many would miss it! Thank you for your love and fellowship. Here’s what happened in September thru November.

The Missions and Leadership Conference of the Inter-Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) in the USA, 7-9 September, was a time of refreshing ministry. About 75 delegates had come from various States to a Retreat Centre to meditate on the burden of the missionary heart of God. Ministering to this group was a personal challenge to me. I had to return to India immediately as I was to preach in the Youth Convention of the Church of North India Congregation of the Good Shepherd Church in Mumbai between the 16th and the 18th. Over 1000 youngsters had come from all over the city. The response from the gathering to the Call of commitment to Christ and His work was amazing. The awakening among the youth of Churches worldwide is encouraging. History is replete with stories of how God used young men and young women in the forefront of revival and missionary movements. When Saul and his army fail to tackle the enemy, God has His Davids to fell Goliaths!

It is not easy for elders to honestly and openly acknowledge what God does through the younger generation. This is an age-old problem. King Saul and David’s elder brothers despised David (1 Sam 17:28,33). Apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy, “Let no man despise you” (1 Tim 4:12). The aged John frequently addressed youngsters in his Epistles which were the last written books of the Bible (1 Jn 2:12-14). Send your young people to youth programmes organised by Bible believing groups. Gift to them or help them buy Bibles in contemporary language and the special youth editions of the Bible. Give the youngsters opportunities in Churches and Organizations. Tolerate their mistakes. Which child learns to walk without falling? Several youth these days prefer watching videos to reading books. Visit Christian bookstores and get challenging DVDs for them, especially the life stories of Missionaries. Some of my talks to youth, given below, are available in VCD/DVDs—

1. A Miracle Change (Eng-Tamil) ... Rs. 50/-
2. Ten T’s for Teens (Eng-Tamil) ... Rs. 50/-
3. kdij kh‰W« kiwüš (Tamil) ... Rs. 50/-
4. Are you not Called? (Eng-Tamil) ... Rs. 50/-
5. If you are Missionary-minded... (Eng-Telugu) ... Rs. 100/-
6. What is Rebirth? (Eng-Hindi) ... Rs. 100/-
7. No more Backsliding! (Eng-Hindi) ... Rs. 100/-
8. Why we need the Holy Spirit (Eng-Hindi) ... Rs. 100/-
9. Why Missionary Evangelism? (Eng-Hindi) ... Rs. 100/-
10. Why Charity? (Eng-Hindi) ... Rs. 100/-

Keep a stock of these VCD/DVDs to give away to youngsters for occasions. Youth groups may make bulk orders and get 25% discount on the retail price. Let me know your requirements.

The next programme after the Mumbai youth programme was also a youth convention, 29 September to 2 October. It was by the Kerala Unit of the Inter-Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) in Kottayam. There were a little over 250 youngsters. Pastor Biju Benjamin of the Faith Fellowship Church at Adoor was my Malayalam Translator. Of the six talks I was to give, I could deliver only five, because I fell sick one afternoon due to a severe attack of Vertigo. Friends mobilized prayer on my behalf so I could complete the assignment here. God is good!

Eventhough I was medically advised to cancel the next programme, I proceeded against it as I had to fulfill my commitment to the CSI Malayalee Congregation in Kuwait for their Annual Convention during 16-19 October. There again I could preach only for three evenings but fell ill on the last day. Brother Prabhakar Benedict preached in my place. Praise God for the testimonies of revival sparks in the lives of those who attended this Convention. The Lord melted the hearts and there were reports of reconciliation and restitution.

After experiencing a setback in health both in Kottayam and Kuwait during the programmes, I came to my senses to listen to medical advice. I took a break of one full month. For the two major programmes scheduled for this period, I sent substitutes. Brother Ephraim preached in my place in the Youth Missionary Conference of Global Impact in Srilanka, 24-27 October; and Brother Manivannan in Mission Maharashtra at Aurangabad, 13-17 November. Both were youth conferences with missions emphasis. I rejoice in my spirit that God used these my coworkers with rich anointing and special grace. Another affirmation of the truth: “No one is indispensable in the work of God!”

Thank you for your prayers and loving enquiries. The monthlong break has really refreshed me everyway. Last weekend, Nov 23-24, I was in Secunderabad for the Inter-church Revival Meetings in the twin cities. The venue was the Millennium Methodist Church. Pastor M. J. Bhaskara Rao and a few other leaders had jointly organized this Programme. There were over 600 Christians who had come from various Churches with a hunger for God’s Word. The following two talks I delivered here, English to Telugu, are released on DVDs now—

1. Why Chastisement? 2. What about Tomorrow?

Each costs Rs.100/- Add Rs.25/- for forwarding.

I was privileged to address the 800 youth in Crossfire ’07, a Christian Youth Convention of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, conducted by the Wesley College Chapel Fellowship. This is organized once in two years and this was the 7th Camp. Mr.P.C. Verghese from Chennai, formerly a staff of the UESI for many years, was the main speaker. I first met him in 1969 while I was a PG student of the IIT, Chennai. I thank God for renewing of this fellowship after about 37 years! The genuine concern of the Chairman of Crossfire, Prof. Sunil Lazarus, and the other leaders is being honoured by the Lord. I wish there were more such events in the cities of our Nation! Let’s remind ourselves of Christ’s commission to Peter: “Tend My lambs!”

The following 4 Talks I delivered in the Bible Revival Meetings in Mangalore, 1-3 June, English to Kannada, are now ready on DVDs. Price Rs.100/- each.

1. Why the Bible?         3. Why the Holy Spirit?
2. Why Chastisement?  4. Why the Second Coming?

I was thrilled by the Choir which led the singing in the meetings in Mangalore. Most of the members were youngsters. It was not a performance but spirited praise to God. Their live singing of 20 songs, in English, Kannada and Hindi, is now available on a DVD, titled No one else like You!, running for 1 hr 45 mts. Price Rs. 100/-. Buy it. It’s a treat!

Since the number of my Bible Talks on VCD/DVDs, in English to Tamil, has reached 50, and those with other vernacular translations are only a few, I concentrate these days more on the release of non-Tamil DVDs. I am sure my Tamil friends would only be happy about this. A missionary-minded Christian is one who prefers the word “other” to “our!”

The first mini van to be called as “Bible Wheels,” to serve as a mobile stall of Study Bibles, my DVDs and books, is already purchased. It’s a Maruti Omni Cargo at a cost of Rs.2,50,000/-. My son-in-law is working on the fabrication of the display facility inside the vehicle. God willing it will be on road shortly. Pray for God’s blessing on this humble endeavour. It’s my desire to get two more such vehicles next year for non-Tamil States. Write to me if you are burdened to invest in this outreach project. With the Second Coming of the Lord so imminent, it is wiser to invest money in mobile units rather than on huge buildings.

I am encouraged by the words of appreciation from friends all over the Country for making the video teaching and the books of Rev. J. David Pawson available in India at affordable cost. The Unlocking the Bible Series of 44 DVDs or 11 MP3 CDs has become an eye-opener for many hundreds in the understanding of the Scriptures. I am happy to inform you of the following materials also, of David Pawson, which are now available with me—

1. Uniqueness of Christ — 2 DVDs — Rs. 200/-
2. The Normal Christian Birth — 2 DVDs — Rs. 200/-
3. The Letters of Jesus to His Churches — 4 DVDs — Rs. 400/-
4. The Final Facts — 2 DVDs — Rs. 200/-
5. The Challenge of Islam to Christians — 3 DVDs — Rs. 250/-
6 . (a) Word & Spirit together — Book — 250 pages — Rs. 200/-
     (b) Charismatics & Evangelicals — 2 DVDs — Rs. 200/-
7. Christianity Explained — Book — 150 pages — Rs. 100/-

If you have been blessed through the teachings of this unusual Bible Teacher of our times, please share the same with your friends. Hardly do we come across such solid and balanced teaching of the Scriptures these days.

I feel bad that the Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi and Oriya editions of Better Everyday are not ready yet. The delay is either in translation or correction or proofreading. I sincerely request the English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi readers of this Daily Devotional to pray fervently that the hurdles in releasing the other language editions might be overcome. Gift this 432-page devotional guide to atleast one person this December or coming January. An ideal New Year gift!

Brother J. Selvam and his friends in Karur have distributed about 1000 DVDs of my Talk, Ministry or Business?, to Pastors and Christian workers. Those who have been helped by this forthright talk have shared it with their friends and arranged for telecasting through cable networks. I encourage all Bible-lovers to take a stand against merchandizing the anointing, and commercialising Christian work. Swim against the tide!

The Preach Better Seminar of 22-24 May in Tiruchy has had a profound influence on the pulpit ministry of the delegates of the Seminar. Such testimonies come in from those who have watched the Talks in DVDs also. Mr. Johnson Monickaraj of Pondicherry, with some of his friends, has presented these lessons to about 75 zealous Christians in a one-day programme on 28 July. So the Word spreads.

The good Lord enabled me to send as a compliment a set of the eight talks, I delivered on the theme, Daily Cross, during the Holy Week in the CMC Hospital, Vellore, as a 4-DVD pack to each of 50 Mission Hospitals in India for the benefit of their staff. Pray for a spiritual awakening among the Christian doctors and paramedical staff all over India. Nearly 300 Mission Hospitals have been closed down during the last two or three decades in this country. Mismanagement and inadequacy of staff and funds are cited as the main reasons. Not many committed Christian doctors venture to go to backward places where there is no doctor. I urge Christian medical students to emulate pioneers like Dr. Graham Staines to fill up the vacuum in the medical missionary world. Missionaries can accomplish so much if they are accompanied by Missionary Doctors like “Luke the beloved Physician” (Col 4:14).

To start with, we planned the Sound Doctrine Seminar-II for 300 delegates only. But the number of applicants has reached 600. We are trying our level best to accomodate as many as possible. I am in the final phase of preparation to teach in the Seminar. I count on the same grace of God which so unusually enabled me to minister in the First Seminar in 1997 for five days. Though this time the duration is only for three days, I’m not physically as strong as I was 10 years ago! If you are not a delegate, may I request you to uphold me and the delegates very specially in prayer during those 3 days, 27-29 Dec, if possible with fasting? Corrective teaching is a literal warfare!

My first programme for 2008 is the Blessing Revival Meetings in Jeypore, Orissa, 13-15 January. After that, my wife and I will be ministering in Australia for 10 days from the 20th.

My book, Faith Life, which was first published in 1987, is now reprinted. The Blessing Youth Mission sends this book to its Life Subscribers for the year. This is a timely book in these days when the doctrine of faith is highly twisted. Order copies at Rs. 35/- from the Blessing Literature Centre, 21/11 West Coovam Road, Chintadripet, Chennai 600 002. A compilation from Hebrews 11, titled What Faith Does, appears on page 4 of this letter. I pray that you grow stronger and stronger in faith as we approach the end of endtimes predicted for wholesale departure from faith (1 Tim 4:1).

With the Season’s greetings,

R. Stanley


What Faith Does
(Lessons from Hebrews 11)

1. Faith obtains a good testimony. (v 2)
2. Faith understands the creative power of God’s Word. (v 3)
3. Faith offers to God the first and the best. (v 4)
4. Faith seeks to please God in everything. (v 5)
5. Faith believes that God answers diligent prayer. (v 6)
6. Faith takes God’s warnings seriously. (v 7)
7. Faith obeys God without asking questions. (v 8)
8. Faith steps out to possess new territories. (v 9)
9. Faith lives with eternity in view. (v 10)
10. Faith looks to God alone and laughs at impossibilities. (v 11)
11. Faith confesses, “This world is not my home; I’m just a passing-thro’!” (vv 13,37b,38)
12. Faith is Heaven-sick. (vv 14,16)
13. Faith does not retreat. (v 15)
14. Faith readily parts with any blessing to be offered back to God. (v 17)
15. Faith counts on the resurrective power of God. (vv 19,35a)
16. Faith prophesies messages for future generations. (vv 20-22)
17. Faith fears no threats but relies on God’s power to protect. (v 23)
18. Faith is not enamoured of worldly status. (v 24)
19. Faith says no to sin. (v 25)
20. Faith identifies with God’s people voluntarily in their suffering. (v 25)
21. Faith does not worship money. (v 26)
22. Faith acts on heavenly vision fearing no power on earth. (v 27)
23. Faith takes refuge under the Blood of Christ. (v28)
24. Faith attempts the impossible. (v 29)
25. Faith does not give up. (v 30)
26. Faith abandons the devil’s majority and joins God’s miniority. (v 31)
27. Faith demonstrates righteousness. (v 33)
28. Faith expects great things from God and attempts great things for Him. (vv 32-34)
29. Faith refuses to compromise even if it means torture and death. (vv 35-37)
30. Faith ignores mockery. ( v36)

“Examine yourselves whether you are in the faith!”
(2 Cor 13:5)

(Compiled by R. Stanley)