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A periodic Letter to my Friends / 22 Jul 2007 Letter 5 / 28 June 2004

Dear On-Bible Friend,

While I am overwhelmed by the response from the visitors of this website, I am extremely sorry for not updating it for quite some time. Several things happened during this period.

Though my actual year of birth is 1947, the one given on records by my parents is 1945. As mummy was a teacher of Class 1 and I was taller for my age, parents admitted me in the School when I was just about four! The retirement age for a fulltime staff in the Blessing Youth Mission, which I founded in 1971 and joined as a fulltime staff in 1975, is 58. Accordingly I retired from the organisation in October 2003. As you might be aware, I had been developing the nextline leadership for over 10 years and this came in handy when I retired. I now help BYM in an advisory capacity. My hectic years, about 30, are over, and now I spend more time in studying and writing. Pray for me and my wife so we may continue to be fruitful for God.


My first post-retirement work is the release of a 432 page Daily Devotional, in Tamil and then in English, which contains nearly 60% what I have written during 40 years. The title in English is Better Everyday. It aims to help Christians for wholesome development. I quote below the review for this book given by the Light of Life magazine—


A daily devotional, written in the Indian context by an Indian author, to be used year after year by Christians for their spiritual growth, has been a longfelt need in India. R. Stanley’s BETTER EVERYDAY is welcome to meet this need.


This book is different from most of the daily devotionals in the Christian world. Instead of just a devotional thought or a message of encouragement/comfort, there’s rich Bible teaching in this book. Interestingly, the author has categorised the daily readings into 26 (A to Z) subjects, from Salvation to Second Coming. Under each daily meditation is indicated where the next one on the same subject occurs. Such reference chains, with fast forward and rewind marks, increase the value of this book.


A Bible Reading Calendar to help you read through the Bible in one year appears in the opening pages of BETTER EVERYDAY. There are over 10 one page prayers as Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Birthday Prayer and so on. One hundred Names of God are listed to enhance praise and worship. The daily readings give a Bible portion, memory verse, full-page meditation and a stanza or a thought. Titles are catchy. "Is pill His will?" "Scripture-free Sermons" — are examples. Over 50 pictures of pioneer missionaries and great men and women of God are inserted to add inspiration. There are appropriate meditations for special days like the Reformation Day, Indian Independence Day, Graham Staines Martyrdom Day, and so on. The English is neither British nor American, but Indian.


The author has given a Subject Index and a summary of what he has learnt during the 40 years of his walk with God and work for Him, as 40 capsules. Youngsters, middle-aged folks, elders, new believers, growing Christians, mature saints, voluntary workers, fulltime ministers, individuals, families, Church leaders, missionaries, students, and professionals will find this book intensely practical. The author (58) is a Building Engineer-turned Bible Teacher, known for his balanced treatment of any subject.


For a book of the size 23 cm x 16 cm x 2 cm with quality paper, the price of Rs. 150/- is too low. Anyone who uses this book daily is bound to become Better Everyday!


Copies are available from the Blessing Literature Centre, 21/11 West Coovam Road, Chintadripet, Chennai 600002, India <bymliterature@vsnl.net> at Indian Rupees 150/- (or US $ 5) per copy. Forwarding charges extra. The other language editions are underway. I covet your prayers for this big project.


Hopefully I will update this website henceforth periodically. I close this letter quoting the bookmark text of my daily devotional book: "God who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the Day of Jesus Christ" (Phil 1:6).


Bye for now!


Your friend,