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A periodic Letter to my Friends / 22 Jul 2007 Letter No.2 / 30 September 2002

Dear On-Bible Friend,

Thank you for your interest in this website. After I wrote to you on the 10th September, a Visitors Book has been opened in this site where you can leave your comments.

The Lord impressed upon a few of us college students in 1965 the effectiveness of tract evangelism. Those days most of the tracts, including those in the Indian vernaculars, were printed overseas and imported from there. Obviously over 90% of them was not appropriate for the Indian culture. Not only that, when Indian non-Christians were handed out with pamphlets printed overseas, their eyebrows were raised because Christianity in India is still thought to be the white man’s religion. Being in touch with the non-Christians in India, both in towns and villages, we the youngsters after much prayer and waiting on the Lord wrote a tract in Tamil titled, Good News of Deliverance! In the first instance we printed 10,000 copies with the contribution given by Mr. A. Sivapragasam a provisions shopowner in Karaikudi in Tamilnadu who was joining us in our campus prayer gatherings. For follow-up we gave our address as the Gospel Team. The response was amazing wherever these tracts were distributed.

Little did we realize at that time that this tract would soon become one of the most favourite ones of soulwinners. When the Blessing Youth Mission was organized in 1971, it started printing this tract in large quantities for its outreach teams, namely Nehemiah Teams and Deborah Teams. Today this tract is translated to over 10 Indian languages and widely distributed, under a new title, Blessing for You! Five years ago I wrote another tract for students and religionists titled, Life Before and After Death.

Both these tracts can be read in the Annexure to this letter. You have my permission to print them out in whatever format you like, but without altering the matter, for your evangelistic needs. You can give your own address for enquiries to contact.

A preacher may dilute his message to suit the audience. This a tract never does. It keeps saying the same thing again and again. No gift or talent is necessary for tract distribution ministry. We should only not be ashamed of the Name of Christ. There will be many to greet you in Heaven because they had gone there believing in the message they read in the tracts you distributed. Start today! I shall be happy to hear of your efforts and results.

Your friend,