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A periodic Letter to my Friends / 22 Jul 2007 Letter No.1 / 10 September 2002

Dear Friends,

Dear on-Bible friends,

This website was launched at a point when I could wait no longer.

An immediate outcome of my personal encounter with Christ as a first year college student in 1962 was a passionate desire to dig deep into the riches of God’s Word. I have been a sincere student of the Scriptures ever since. Because I took up building engineering as the branch of study and chose the same as my career atleast for the first five years after graduation, I had no opportunity to study in a Bible seminary. But I used to sit for hours and be on my knees with the Bible open. There has been never an occasion when I got up without receiving a definite message from the Lord. Thanks to my spiritual mentors who taught me to write down immediately in a notebook whatever I learnt at the time of personal meditations. Usually these devotional thoughts have been the starters for the sermons I preached, the lessons I taught, and the articles I wrote during the last three to four decades of my ministry.

However, what I have received from the Lord has been much much more than what I could pass on to people. Hardly 50% of what I have received in my private study has been so far shared through print or pulpit. Surges of messages from God keep coming to me day after day and week after week. How can I pass them all to the present generation as well as the future ones if I must be a faithful steward of the mysteries of God? Will I not wake up before my Master as a "wicked and slothful servant" if His revelations are buried with me? It is this heartcry which gave birth to this website. Evangelist Sam Jebadurai launched it on 31 August 2002 in the opening ceremony of the Blessing Literature Centre at Chennai.

In fact, so much of material had already been typed out and stored by my enthusiastic young friends Ashok Vedasironmani and Richard Justus. My profound thanks to them. (Please read in the Annexure what Ashok has written to me in this regard.) I am updating the notes in order to upload them in stages to serve friends like you all over the world. I will of course include some of what has already been preached or published. I am grateful to Mr. Santhosh of UAE for obtaining this website space for me from Brinkster.

I thank God for the Blessing Youth Mission (BYM) which blessed me with a pulpit and a publishing unit which have served as the primary outlet for all that I wanted to say and write these many years. Writing regularly for the BYM’s official organ, Blessing, as a Contributing Editor along with my wife, since 1972, has been a splendid opportunity. Out of gratitude I am directing the beneficiaries of this website to support the missionary work of BYM if they are so led. (See Home Page.)

I request you to invite as many Christian friends as possible to visit this website. Do write to me at <stanleyonbible@hotmail.com> if you are blessed or would like to comment. Bear with me if I am not able to reply your letters due to lack of time. I desire to paste a new letter every ten days on this column. Will you pray for me, please?

May the peace and power of God fill your hearts and strengthen your hands!

Your friend,






Dear Stanley uncle,

During my third year (1998) of post graduate studies in computer application, I obeyed the call to help the BYM hq office in the field of computers. Richard, a friend of mine from Sunday School days, was waiting for his posting as a Government College lecturer. We both were working as instructors in Loyola College Computer Centre in Chennai. I decided to develop a software through which all the revelations of God from your meditations can be made available on the desktop. This software was a part of my last semester project. Richard typed the notes from your diaries and I developed the software. I believed that God would definitely use it one day for His glory. Therefore whenever both of us met we used to recall the time we spent to type and develop the software. Many times Satan used the delay to discourage me and it made me wonder whether I would ever become a useful vessel for God. We did not realise that God’s time was coming near. By the turn of August this year you called me and Dickson annan, and told us about the website you had decided to launch. My heart started bubbling with joy.

Now, as I sit to type out this letter, I am overwhelmed with praise to God for saving a wretch like me to serve Him.

Thank you, uncle, for this privilege.