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To Online friends: Dec 26, 2014

4 February 2015

Dear Online Friend,


The hottest topic in India today is “Conversion & Reconversion.” Prayerfully I looked into the Bible afresh to understand what God wants us to know, speak and do at this time. I believe what we as Christians in India need now is“boldness” as well as “wisdom.” I’ve written this in detail as “A Letter to Christians in India.” The same is attached herewith. Though it’s lengthy, please take time to read through it carefully, turning to the about 200 Bible references given there. Forward this letter to all your Christian friends. Christians of other Nations also will be benefitted by the principles outlined in it. You may download it and take copies for distribution. Thank you.

God is on the Throne!


Conversion & Reconversion - A Letter to Christians in India


R. Stanley