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To Online friends: Dec 26, 2014

26 December 2014

Dear Online Friend,

Praise God for bringing us to the end of another year! We thank Him for His hand on us through the year 2014 to guard us, lead us, bless us and use us. Each year brings us one year closer to the Return of Christ or our Homecall.

Attached herewith are two lists, one titled as, “New Year Overhauling,” and the other, “Blessed New Year Decisions.” The first one is a series of questions under 10 heads. This is meant to self-examine ourselves. The next one is a set of decisions based on the 8 Beatitudes of Christ found in Matthew 5. The second is a sequel to the first.

I urge you to set aside atleast two days in this last week of the year, sit before God, for self-examination and taking decisions. You will be revived, renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated in your Christian life. Please forward these lists to your Christian friends to bless them too. You may take copies to distribute to all the fellow-members of your Church at the New Year Services. Keep a copy with you for frequent review.

Wishing you a Blessed New Year,


New year overhauling (English)
New year overhauling (Tamil)
New year decisions (English)

New year decisions (Tamil)


R. Stanley

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