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To Online friends: Sep 9, 2014

9 September 2014

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings in the Name of our Soon-coming Lord of lords and King of kings!

On the 19th of August I sent you a detailed letter with the attachment of my 20-page pamphlet, “Are you Ready to Meet your God?” in ENGLISH and in TAMIL. Could you find time to read it and meditate on the Bible references? Please don’t take that message lightly. The distribution of this Pamphlet to tens of thousands of Christians in Tamilnadu and in the other States has started with full vigour. I am delighted to attach here the TELUGU and KANNADA versions of this Pamphlet! Please download it and forward the same to your Telugu and Kannadiga friends in India and all over the world.

In most of the non-Tamil States it is rather difficult to find sponsors who would pay for the cost of this Pamphlet, at the rate of Rs. 2/-, to distribute it to the members of a congregation, say 500 or 1000. Volunteers are of course ready to help in distribution. The production cost runs to several hundreds of thousands of Rupees. I request you to consider taking care of the cost of 5,000 or 10,000 copies or whatever, at Rs. 2/- per copy. Recently a friend paid for 1, 00,000 copies. Such offerings will go towards the needs of backward States like Orissa. This is an opportunity at your doorstep to help prepare people for the Second Coming of Christ. Thank you.

The translation work for the other languages is in progress. Do pray for the same. As and when they are ready, I will post it on this website.


With sincere regards,

Your friend,
R. Stanley


(For Contributions online: R. STANLEY, Account No. 10545862765, State Bank of India, Branch No. 7274,
Vellore 632 006, Tamilnadu. IFS Code: SBIN 0007274; SW IFT Code: SBININBB473.
Please do inform me with details after any remittance.)