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To Online friends: May 16, 2014

24 May 2014

Dear Online Friend,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died for us, rose again, ascended and is seated at the right hand of the Heavenly Father to intercede on our behalf !

According to the 2014 Church Calendar of most of the Christian denominations, April 20 is the Easter Sunday, and June 8, which comes 50 days after Resurrection, is the Pentecost Sunday.

During this dispensation when God the Father and God the Son are in Heaven, but God the Holy Spirit is on earth, it’s sad that most of the Christians in their personal lives and Church life do not abundantly experience the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Jews failed to recognize Christ Jesus who was foretold and sent by the Father, and they rejected Him. Similarly many Christians of today are indifferent to the Holy Spirit who was foretold and has been sent by the Lord Jesus. History repeats.

In this situation, it’s the bounden duty of every Spirit-anointed Christian to introduce clearly the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit to those Christians who are strangers to this New Testament blessing. Instead of criticizing and attacking those who have not been filled with the Holy Spirit, it’s necessary that we introduce Him to them in the Biblical perspective with all diligence and dignity. Towards this end, I’ve prepared a 12-page colourful pamphlet titled,“Hello, Holy Spirit on line...” This pamphlet presents the Helps of the Holy Spirit as if He Himself is speaking.

The contents of this Pamphlet are attached here. Please be benefitted and do forward them to your friends so they also may receive this glorious Pentecostal blessing.

The copies of this Pamphlet are available with me for distribution to Christians on June 8 the Pentecost Sunday, and perhaps on June 1 and June 15 also. We have both English and Tamil versions. Copies are FREE within India. How many copies do you need, in English and/or in Tamil? You can collect a few Spirit-filled believers in your locality and distribute these pamphlets as a team. Don’t forget to send me your postal address with telephone number.

This message is also available in video (VCD) and audio (MP3) formats, in English as well as in Tamil, with a running time of 30 minutes. These are also uploaded here on this website for your FREE downloading. A set of one VCD and one ACD in a single pack costs Rs. 100/-. Forwarding Rs. 30/- within India.

Introducing Christ to non-Christians is “Evangelism;” introducing the Holy Spirit to Christians and helping them to be filled with Him is “Revival.” Revival begets Evangelism (Acts 1:8).



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Your friend,
R. Stanley



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