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To Online friends: July 12, 2016

1 November 2016

Dear Online Friend,


My most recent book, “Bible Pearls,” 1200 pages, containing 200 Select Sermon Outlines from my 50+ years (1963-2016) of pulpit ministry, was released in ENGLISH in Virudhunagar of Tamilnadu, on 14 August 2016, in the same Church where I preached my first Sermon in 1963. Several of you joined us on this happy occasion. The TAMIL edition of this book, God willing, will be released at 11 am on Sunday, 29 January 2017, in the Church, constructed by my Dad in the 1960s and handed over to CSI, in Kottaiyur, a small town at 4 km from Karaikudi, Tamilnadu. It’s in this Church I learnt preaching by preaching from 1963 to 1968 when I was a student in the Engineering College in Karaikudi. If you are a Tamil Christian, please join us for this important event. The programme starts at 11 am and closes by 4 pm with tea. I will bring God’s message both in the forenoon and the afternoon. The lunch will be a love feast. Please feel free to bring along your Tamil Christian friends to praise God for this valuable book in Tamil which will revolutionize pulpits and the personal study of Bible lovers.

— R. Stanley

Local contacts in Karaikudi:

Samuel Ratnasamy, 94434 67329
Samuel Devsasitham, 98947 14702