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To Online friends: July 12, 2016

12 July 2016

Dear Online Friend,

Loving greetings in the Name of Christ Jesus our Lord!

The Lord by His grace saved me and anointed me with His Spirit in November 1962. I preached for the first time in May 1963. According to God’s sovereign plan, He has used me to preach His Word clearly, definitely and boldly during the last 53 years in Churches, Organisations and General gatherings, inland and overseas. I have been preparing during the last three years to publish a compilation of 200 of my select Sermon Outlines, titled, “Bible Pearls.” This 1200-page Volume, God willing, will roll off the press by the end of this month.

I preached my first sermon in May 1963 in the CSI St. John’s Church on the Madurai Road in Virudhunagar of Tamilnadu. I was then sixteen. Now after 53 years, I would like to release this book of 200 Sermon Outlines from the pulpit of the same Church. This will take place in the Sunday Service, 8.30 am, 14 Aug 2016. I would preach in the Service in TAMIL. I lovingly invite you to this important programme, if you can follow Tamil.

After the morning Service we will spend one or two hours in fellowshipping with one another. The lunch will be a Love Feast for all of us. We will spend the afternoon, 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm, in praise, prayer and collective planning for the distribution of this book. The day’s programme will close with tea.

This book probably is the first of its kind from an Indian preacher. It comes out now in English only. The Tamil edition, as God enables, will be ready in six months’ time. Pray much for this book which is meant to help Bible Lovers and Bible Preachers experience an unprecedented Revival in life and ministry. Attached herewith is the information pamphlet about this book. Please read it to understand its scope.

Based on the expenses incurred in the preparation and production of this book, the retail price is fixed as Rs. 1000/- (US $ 30). However, it is given to bonafide fulltime Servants of God at a subsidised price of Rs. 500/-. They can avail this subsidy by sending in the Form attached herewith. To meet this subsidy for two or five or ten fulltime Servants of God, I request Christians, who are not fulltimers, to contribute Rs. 1000/-, 2500/- and 5000/- respectively. Thank you. Do come to the Virudhunagar meet with Bible-loving believers who can follow Tamil. Rest in person.



Bible Pearls Introduction.pdf
Bible Pearls Front cover page.jpg
Bible Pearls Back cover page.jpg
Application for Subsidy.pdf

— R. Stanley

For local Contact:
Mr. Thomas Selvaraj
Virudhunagar (94438 54327)


(For Payments Online: R. STANLEY, Account No. 10545862765, State Bank of India, Branch No. 7274,
Vellore 632 006, Tamilnadu. IFS Code: SBIN 0007274; SW IFT Code: SBININBB473.
Please do inform me with details after any remittance.)