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1 April 2010

Dear Online Friends,

I praise God for the overwhelming response received for my booklet, How not to Meditate, sent online to thousands across the world. This booklet, like the previous one titled How not to Pray, both in English and Tamil, is going through several reprints. They are sold on non-profit basis. The gains are for the Kingdom of God. Both these teaching materials, each as a 5-hour video talk, are available on this website, for your viewing and free downloading. The third booklet, How not to Give, will be ready shortly. It will come online in about a week’s time. Do finish reading the first two booklets before the third one arrives!

Alongwith this letter is an attachment titled, Do I follow His footsteps? It’s a self-examination questionnaire I prepared with special reference to the sufferings of Christ. Please set aside a few hours to be spent on knees alone with God asking Him to turn His searchlight into the secret chambers of your life. I assure you that you will experience a refreshing overhauling. Do forward the Questionnaire to your friends or distribute copies of the printout. It can be used at any time in the year.

You must be aware of my weekly telecast in Tamilan TV on Thursdays, 9.30 to 10 pm, known as Sound Doctrine. I recorded a Talk, English-Tamil, for Thursday the 1st April, the eve of Good Friday, exclusively for non-Christians on the Seven Sayings from the Cross. For wide distribution, to serve as an evangelistic tool for soulwinners who are concerned about the salvation of their non-Christian friends, we have released this Talk, alongwith two songs, on a DVD titled, Good News. The same is available now on this website. You can freely download it for your friends. Or, you can order copies from me at Rs. 50/- per DVD.

Several of you have watched the video teaching of Rev. J. David Pawson in his series called Unlocking the Bible. I’m distributing them in India as a 44-DVD set running for 65 hours, at Rs. 2000/- per set. The same material is available in bookform. As we were not able to import enough of copies of this valuable book from the UK, we have reprinted the same in India with the Publisher’s permission. It’s a hardcover book of 914 pages selling at Rs. 500/- per copy. An asset indeed as a study as well as reference book for any serious Bible student! It’s a unique overview of the whole Bible, book by book. Add Rs. 50/- for forwarding while ordering the book. An ideal gift for graduation, birthdays and anniversaries. You can gift a copy to your Pastor and other Preacher friends.
Thank you for upholding me in your prayers as I travel around teaching God’s Word. My programme for April-May:

April 3,4
Revival Meetings, Bangalore, India
Revival Meetings, Sharjah & Dubai, UAE
May 7-9
Sound Doctrine Seminar, Kolhapur, India
29-June 1
National Staff Retreat of Blessing Youth Mission, Sitteri Hills.


My voice gets coarse often while preaching. The medical advice is voice rest! How is it possible, I wonder! I beseech you to join me as I pray,

“O God, You have taught me from my youth; and to this day I declare Your wondrous works. Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come!” (Psa 71:17,18).

R. Stanley