Outline Number 12


The Soulwinner


Christ was first and last a Soulwinner. So also should every Christian be.

The Bible portrays the soulwinner as a ó


                1. Follower

                2. Fisherman

                3. Farmer

                4. Fighter

                5. Father & Friend


1. Follower

        Mt 4:19 ó The first reference to soulwinning in the New Testament.

        "Follow Me."

        A follower is a disciple (The very next instance they are called "His disciples" 5:1)


                (a) Disciplined in prayer

                            David                                     (Psa 55:17)

                            Daniel                                     (Dan 6:10)

                            Disciples                                 (Acts 3:1)


                (b) Disciplined in Bible meditation

                            Morning devotion                     (Ex 16:4)

                            Systematic study                       (2 Tim 3:15-17)

                            Memorisation                           (Psa 119:11; Col 3:16)


                (c) Disciplined in time management & duty

                            Donít waste time                     (Eph 5:15,16)

                            Be brisk & active                     (Pro 6:6-11; 22:29)

                            Donít postpone                        (Prov 27:1, Eccl 9:10)


                (d) Disciplined in family life

                            Wife                                         (Eph 5:28,29; 1 Sam 1:8)

                            Children                                   (Eph 6:4; Job 1:5)

                            Finance                                    (Rom 13:8; 1 Tim 6:6,8)


                (e) Disciplined in public life

                            Personal appearance                 (Eccl 9:8)

                            Conversation (words)               (Eph 5:4; Js 3:2)

                            Government                             (Rom 13:1,7)


2. Fisherman (Mt 4:19)


(a) YOU must go to the sinners.

                    Jesus personally came from Heaven to the world to meet the sinners.

                    1 Tim 1:15; Jn 10:10


                    Jesus met sinners right where they were.

                    Jn 4:8, 5:6; 9:1


                    Jesus commanded His followers to "GO."

                    Mk 5:19; Lk 14:23; Mt 21:2; Mk 16:15


(b) You must learn to identify yourself with the sinners.


                    Jesus                                 (Phil 2:6,7; Heb 2:14,15)

                    Paul                                  (1 Cor 9:19-23)

                    Missionaries Ragland of Sivakasi, Walker of Tirunelveli


(c) Grow in efficiency and effectiveness


        By learning lessons afresh from the "Word"                                     (Lk 5:4-6)

        By inviting cooperation from other fisher partners                            (Lk 5:7,10)

        By venturing in faith                                                                        (Mt 14:28,29; 17:27)


3. Farmer


        (a) Wait not for favourable conditions. (Eccl 11:1-6)

        (b) Sow liberally. (2 Cor 9:6)

        Talk to as many souls as possible. Distribute as many tracts as possible. And so on.

        (c) Despise not the small and insignificant contacts or opportunities. (Mt 13:31,32)

        (d) Sacrifice your comforts and sow with tears. (Hard labour implied) (Psa 126:5,6)

        (e) Follow up regularly and suitably.

                                Apollos         1 Cor 3:6

                                Gardener       Lk 13:8

        (f) Be watchful (Mt 13:24,25)

        (g) Be patient (Js 5:7)

                                This is not relaxation or passivism,

                                but anticipative and expectant hopefulness.


4. Fighter


(a) Fast and pray to release souls from the devilís clutches, with the Spiritís power.

Mt 17:21; Acts 10:38

(b) Plan well and proceed methodically.

2 Tim 2:5; Prov 20:18; Rom 15:19

(c) Be fearless. 

2 Tim 1:7,8; Judg 5:18

(d) Have a mind to suffer. 

2 Tim 2:3; 4:5

(e) Oppose false doctrines and seducers with the sound Gospel. 

1 Cor 15:32; Jude 3

(f) Be ever ready! 

Eph 6:11,12,15


5. Father & Friend


(i) Father

        (a) Be an excellent example.                 1 Cor 4:15,16

        (b) Be strict wherever necessary.          1 Cor 4:15,21

        (c) Be glad to spend and be spent.        2 Cor 12:14,15


(ii) Friend

        Jesus was a Friend of sinners. (Mt 11:19)

        (a) Be compassionate, especially in times of suffering and trouble.

                        Psa 35:13,14; Prov 17:17; Jn 11:11,35

        (b) Converse freely.

                        Ex 33:11

        (c) Keep confidentially the secrets shared with you. 

                        Prov 20:19; 11:13



"Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament,

and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever"

(Dan 12:3)