Outline Number 5

Purpose in Prayer / Psalm 51


The Book of Psalms is a devotional book of prayer and praise.

A Christian is said to be on his knees in the Book of Psalms

and on his feet in the Book of Proverbs.

Regular meditation of Psalms enriches our devotional relationship with God.

Psalm 51 is a favorite to any saint.

I outline here five godly purposes in confession and prayer.



1. THAT God may be found just (vv 1-4)


        The primary reason for sin confession should not be—

                a) To get out of a guilt complex or condemnation.

                b) To escape the awful consequences — problems and loss of power.

        The primary purpose must be the hallowing of His Name! (Josh 7:19)

        What does my sin cost the Name of God?

        I am asking for injustice while I expect God’s approval on my life

        and anointing in my ministry, with sin in my life.


2. THAT God may make me to know wisdom in the hidden part (vv 5,6)


        There is corruption in my inner man because of sinful conception (Gen 6:5)

        My very "nature" must be changed to receive God’s wisdom.

                2 Pet 1:4—corruption / lust / divine nature.

        Futile thoughts — Foolish hearts (Rom 1:21)

        Our inner man must be gripped with godly fear (Prov 1:7)

        Wisdom is to prevent us from falling (Prov 2:10-17 vs. Jude 24,25)

        Pray for honesty and integrity

        Thought purity is more important than the outward acts.


3. THAT my broken bones may rejoice (vv 7-9)

        Deeply hurt.

        Cleansing brings rejoicing (Psa 40:2,3)

        Cleansing restores fellowship — "make me hear," "Your face"

                (1 Jn 1:7; Compare Isa 1:18,19)

        "Whiter than snow" — God forgives and forgets

        Justified freely and fully.


4. THAT I may teach the transgressors and sinners (vv 10-15)


        Prayer for fruitful witnessing to sinners.

        The essential requirements are —

                1. Clean heart — Inner purity

                2. Steadfast Spirit — Steady walk with God

                3. Waiting in His presence — Hearing God

                4. Fellowship of the Spirit — Not grieving Him

                5. Joy of salvation (vv 12,14) — Freshness and excitement over the glory of salvation

                6. Power of the Spirit (vv 11,15) — Acts 1:8

        Consider these things in prayer before ministering to others.


5. THAT God may be pleased (vv 16-19)


        Pleasing God is the chief end in prayer.

        Sacrifices of Righteousness—

                1. Brokenness and contriteness (Prov 28:13,14), Reverence.

                2. Surrendering the parts of the body — Burnt-offering

                    and whole burnt-offering (Rom 12:1; Heb 10:5-7)

                3. Worship — Bulls (Hos 14:2b; Heb 13:15)


Prayer means focussing on God:

"Your" lovingkindness (v 1)

"Your" tender mercies (v 1)

"You, You" only (v 4)

"Your" face (v 9)

"Your" presence (v 11)

"Your" Salvation (v 12)

"Your" Holy Spirit (v 11)

"Your" generous Spirit (v 12)

"Your" ways (v 13)

"Your" righteousness (v 14)

"Your" praise (v 15)

"Your" good pleasure (v 18)

"Your" altar (v 19)