Challenge No. 6

Am I a Missionary Christian?


Getting involved in missionary work is not optional but obligatory for each Christian. Here are ten questions to evaluate whether we are fulfilling our part in reaching the lost for Christ.


1. Do I set aside a regular time to pray daily for those who have not been reached with the Gospel yet? (1 Tim 2:1,4)


2. Do I read the prayer requests and field news in mission periodicals with a genuine interest and concern? Am I bothered about the sufferings of people worldwide as I come across reports in newspapers? (Neh 1:2,3)


3. Do I overcome laziness and obstacles to join the fellow Christians for open-air preaching, tract distribution and rural evangelism? (Eccl 11:4-6)


4. Do I grab opportunities to visit the sick, the suffering and the imprisoned to encourage them with the message of the love of God? (Mt 25:31-46)


5. Do I take a bold stand in my locality and workspot for Christ to testify for Him through my life and lip? (Mk 8:34-38)


6. Do I give liberally to support pioneer missionary work, Bible translation projects and specialised ministries to youth, drug addicts and AIDS victims? (Lk 8:1-3)


7. Do I allot a sizeable portion of my possessions and earnings to help the poor and to support medical ministries and relief programmes for the underprivileged? (Lk 19:8; Acts 10:2)


8. Do I attend missionary prayer meetings regularly? Am I selfless in personal and family prayers? (Acts 12:5; 16:13)


9. Do I join teams to visit mission fields wherever possible so I may get a firsthand knowledge of the problems and challenges of pioneer missionary evangelism? (Neh 2:12-18; Jn 4:35)


10. Do I take Godís missionary call seriously in my life? Do I persuade atleast one of my children to pursue missionary career? (Acts 26:19,20; 1 Sam 1:27,28).