Article 8

Self-examination Questions for Missionaries



Do I keep myself as a clean vessel to be used by God?

Do I live in any secret sin?

Do I wholeheartedly desire holiness?

Do I run away from all sources of temptation?

Is my conscience clear?


Do I keep my quiet time regularly for Bible meditation and prayer?

Do I delight in Godís Word?

Is my prayer life getting deepened?

Do I value praying with my coworkers?

Do I substitute work for worship?


Am I an easy person to live with?

Am I a habitual fault-finder and an unloving critic?

Do I willingly accept corrections or justify myself always?

Do I find it difficult to appreciate others openly?

Am I dead to casteism and regionalism in order to maintain the oneness of the Spirit?


Am I faithful to my spouse?

Do I keep a distance with the opposite sex?

Do I endeavour to spend quality time with my spouse and help her/his growth?

Am I free and friendly with my children?

Do I motivate my children by word and deed to pursue a missionary careeró

if I believe that serving the King of kings is the greatest of all professions and privileges?

5. GODíS Work

Do I serve the Lord with the first love and maintain the initial enthusiasm?

Am I becoming lazy?

Am I easily discouraged by fruitlessness in the ministry or difficulties in the work?

Am I patient and kind towards people?

Am I a men-pleaser?


Am I honest in reporting or do I exaggerate?

Am I faithful in financial matters?

Are my words dependable?

Can my coworkers trust me that I will stand with them in any situation?

Is the reputation of others safe in my hands?


Do I periodically evaluate my spiritual life?

Do I give my fellow-workers, juniors or seniors, the liberty to correct, warn and develop me?

Do I obey the voice of the Lord as it comes through personal meditation, sermons and literature?

Am I too proud to confess my weaknesses and failures?

Am I ready to sacrifice my personal interests in order to edify and strengthen my coworkers?


Am I loyal to my organisation?

Do I submit myself willingly to the leaders?

Do I backbite my leaders when their decisions do not please me?

Do I have a party spirit?

Am I grateful to God and the organisation for the blessings or do I murmur?


Is my heart burdened with God for those who have not yet heard the Gospel?

Am I interested in updating informations about what God is doing all over the world?

Do I pray for the persecuted Church and those ill-treated unjustly?

Is my concern for the poor practical?

Do I appreciate the good work done by other organisations and cooperate with them wherever possible?


Do I trust God for my future or worry unduly?

Do I compare myself with the affluent and turn material-minded?

Do I hesitate to take up the cross of misunderstanding and loneliness?

Do I turn a deaf ear to the voices that call me to come down from my missionary vision and commitment?

Am I conscious of the welcome and the reward that await me in Heaven if I serve the Lord of the Harvest faithfully till the end?