Article 4


How to Preach the Word of God


1. The Word of God is FIRE! (Jer 5:14; 20:9)


                Preach it with a burning sense of urgency that crackles with a spirit of seriousness.

                The hearers must be devoured like wood to burn out for God.


2. The Word of God is a HAMMER! (Jer 23:29)


                Preach it bangingly and overwhelmingly.

                The hardest hearts must be broken to pieces before the Holy Rock.


3. The Word of God is a SWORD! (Eph 6:17; Heb 4:12)


                Preach it boldly and forthrightly.

                The hearers must be cut to the core before the revealing eyes of God.


4. The Word of God is a MIRROR! (Js 1:22,23)


                Preach it prophetically and clearly.

                The hearers must be exposed of their true self and denounce all hypocrisy.


5. The Word of God is a SEED! (Lk 8:11)


                Preach it with tears and expectation.

                The hearers must keep it in their hearts and bring forth fruit.


6. The Word of God is DEW! (Dt 32:2; Eph 5:26)


                Preach it tenderly with compassion.

                The hearers must be cleansed, refreshed and comforted.


7. The Word of God is MILK! (1 Pet 2:2)


                Preach it without adulteration and serve it liberally.

                The hearers must grow strong and balanced.


8. The Word of God is SPIRIT! (Jn 6:63)


                Preach it enthusiastically pouring yourself into the sermon.

                The hearers must be revived and challenged for action.


9. The Word of God is HONEY! (Psa 119:103)


                Preach it pleasantly, avoiding unedifying words.

                The hearers must enjoy it and become sweet in their behaviour.


10. The Word of God is a LAMP! (Psa 119:105)


                Preach it revealingly and relevantly.

                The hearers must receive direction and guidance for their lives.


"My Word that goes forth from My mouth

shall not return to Me void,"

says the Lord!

(Isa 55:11)