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(Children's Day) Join Jesus!

Reading: Genesis 39:1-12

"Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, in divine grace

and in favour with men by leaps and bounds" (Lk 2:52)


God Almighty is looking for boys and girls who can carry His blessings to this world. Will you come forward, dear?

Wanted youth who will obey their parents and be dutiful to them till death — like JESUS (Lk 2:51; Jn 19:25-27)

Wanted youth who will say no to sexual immorality and run away from the place and person of temptation — like JOSEPH (Gen 39:10-12)

Wanted youth who will totally abstain from any form of evil — Like TIMOTHY (1 Tim 5:23)

Wanted youth who will be wedded to the Bible — like JOSEPH and TIMOTHY (Psa 105:19; 2 Tim 3:15)

Wanted youth who will work hard towards a balanced growth, physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially — like JESUS (Lk 2:52)

Wanted youth who will cooperate sincerely with their godly parents to fulfil the plan and purposes of God — like ISAAC (Gen 22:6,9-14)

Wanted youth who will boldly witness for Christ amidst all mockery and threat — like SAUL PAUL (Acts 9:29)

Wanted youth who will not compromise on their convictions and faith though it might mean losing the favour of the employer — like DANIEL & Co. (Dan 3:16-18; 6:10,11,16)

Wanted youth who will faithfully obey the elders and wait for God's time of exaltation — like JOSHUA (Ex 24:13; Num 27:18-20)

Wanted youth who will rally to remove hypocrisy and all rubbish from God's house —like the YOUNG MEN of Acts 5 (vv 6,9,10)

Wanted youth who will dare to attempt great things for God inspite of the defiance of the technological world and the discouragement from the backslidden Church — like DAVID (1 Sam 17:28,33,43,44)

Wanted youth who will instantly obey God's call to serve Him fulltime — like JAMES & JOHN (Mt 4:21,22)

Wanted youth who will be ready to give away to God anything, if only it can be used to bless those in need, even if it would mean personal sacrifice — like the unnamed LAD (Jn 6:9-11)

Happy Children's Day!


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