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Lamb & Dove

Reading: John 16:7-16

"The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name"

(Jn 14:26)


It is thrilling to meditate on the following list of comparison between Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit:

« Jesus Christ is God's first comforter; the Holy Spirit is God's second comforter. « Jesus Christ is compared to a Lamb the gentlest of all animals while the Holy Spirit is compared to a Dove the gentlest of all birds. « Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are holy and they both teach us holiness. « Jesus Christ is the Theme of the Scriptures; the Holy Spirit is its Author. « Jesus Christ is received by faith; we believe and receive the Holy Spirit. « Jesus Christ was rejected by many Jews; the Holy Spirit is rejected by many Churches. « We confess Jesus Christ with our mouth; we speak in tongues after receiving the Holy Spirit. « Jesus Christ is the price of our redemption; the Holy Spirit is the seal of our redemption. « We pray in the Name of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. « Jesus Christ pleads with the Father for us in Heaven; the Holy Spirit prays to the Father for us from the earth.

« Jesus Christ demonstrated love while the Holy Spirit produces love. « Jesus Christ was angry when the Temple was abused; the Holy Spirit is angry when our body, His temple, is defiled. « According to Matthew 10:1-5, Jesus sent missionaries; according to Acts 13:2-4; the Holy Spirit sends missionaries. « Jesus Christ is our Example of suffering; the Holy Spirit is our Companion in suffering « Jesus Christ was sent in the last days; the Holy Spirit is outpoured in the last days. « Jesus Christ gives us authority; the Holy Spirit gives us power « Jesus Christ is the Prophet of prophets; the Holy Spirit enables all believers to prophesy. « Jesus Christ is the fountain of living water; the Holy Spirit is rivers of living water. « Both Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit speak to the Church for restoration. « Christ glorifies the Father; the Holy Spirit glorifies Christ. « Our bodies are healed by Christ's stripes; our bodies are quickened by the Holy Spirit. « Jesus Christ is the Hope of Glory; the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Glory.

Beware of a Christless Pentecost as well as a Pentecostless Christianity!

The Comforter has come, the Comforter has come!

The Holy Ghost from Heav'n — the Father's promise giv'n;

O spread the tidings round, wherever man is found—

The Comforter has come!

                                      (Frank Bottome, 1823-1894)


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